Amar a Muerte: Our Favorite Juliantina Moments!

It’s not often that a telenovela makes waves in mainstream American media, but Amar a Muerte is swiftly changing that with the passionate fanbase dedicated to the relationship between two of the show’s primary character: Valentina Carvajal (Macarena Achaga) and Juliana Valdés (Bárbara López). The actresses picked the ship name “Juliantina” and it has since […]

Legacies S01E12 – “There’s A World Where Your Dreams Came True”

Be careful what you wish for has never been truer than in episode 12 of Legacies.  Spoilers below We all sometimes wish for things to be different. What if you could actually wish it? Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) got that chance when the next monster paid them a visit, a Genie. It reminded me of when […]

Why You Should Go See Sam Anderson’s new play “Death House”(spoiler-free review)

I am writing this spoiler-free review having just come home from seeing Sam Anderson (aka Holland Manners/Angel) in the Road Theatre Company’s world premiere production of “DEATH HOUSE”, written by Jason Karasev and directed by Michael Peretzian, with Sam Anderson, Verity Branco, and Chase Cargill as the mesmerizing cast. Synopsis: On the night a death-house […]