Castle is back, and we finally get to see how life for Castle as a private investigator will be. Do you think Castle will be up to his P.I. shenanigans for long? One thing is for sure, we can likely expect a lot of laughs out of Castle in his new role.


Castle 7.11 Castle PI3In typical Castle fashion, Castle decides to start his new career by showing up uninvited at one of Beckett’s crime scenes. When she doesn’t go for the idea of him joining her and her crew in investigating this murder, he says he will investigate elsewhere, and decides to turn it into a competition. Who can solve the murder first? With all of Castle’s experience investigating for his novels, and helping Beckett with her cases for 5+ years, he’s actually pretty good at being a P.I.

Castle 7.11 Castle PI1Castle’s new role adds a fun dynamic to Beckett and Castle’s marriage. Going into the episode, I was slightly concerned that Castle not working at the 12th Precinct may lead to less Beckett/Castle interactions, but there was still plenty of cuteness to go around in this episode. There were some cute moments when Beckett and Castle secretly conspire about the case they are working on. As typical competitions go in Castle, Ryan and Esposito get in on the action too; they want to beat Castle in finding answers.

Castle 7.11 Castle PI5Castle manages to beat his old team and solve the case, with the help of a furry friend (named Sparkles). Despite solving the case, this doesn’t get him his access back at the 12th Precinct. In the end, Beckett gives Castle some tools for his new career (a “Sherlock Holmes” hat and a magnifying glass) and shows her support for him in this new endeavor. It’s a pretty cute scene and it lets the audience know that ‘Richard Castle, Private Invstigator’ might be around for a bit.

What did you think of the episode? Did you like seeing Castle as a P.I.? Comment below!

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