In the final episode of the Wesenrein-centered arc, Monroe is fighting for his life in front of the Wesenrein tribunal. Will Nick and crew get answers fast enough to save him?

***** SPOILERS BELOW *****

Grimm 4.10 Tribunal1After working on the case for the last 24 hours or so, Nick and Hank have come to the conclusion that Officer Acker wasn’t some innocent victim who got attacked while watching Monroe and Rosalee’s house. It looks like he is involved with the Wesenrein, and he is their best chance to find out where Monroe is. Back at Nick and Juliette’s house, Juliette and Rosalee are looking for the connection to their wedding that Bud/Trubel were talking about, but Rosalee can’t figure out who might have tipped off the Wesenrein about their wedding.

Grimm 4.10 Tribunal3Meanwhile, Monroe is with the crazy Wesenrein, who are splashing blood on him as part of the tribunal. It’s supposed to be a fair trial, but we all know it’s a matter of time before these nut jobs sentence Monroe to death; so Nick needs to find out where they are keeping him, and fast. Nick and Hank are willing to bring Wu fully into the whole Grimm thing, but they need to make sure he can handle it all, so they bring Bud in to woge in front of him. He handles it well enough, and they say he’s in it with them now.

Grimm 4.10 Tribunal2Nick brings Acker in and tells him they know he’s involved, but Acker won’t talk. Bud goes over to Nick’s to try and help Rosalee and Juliette find the connection. As he’s leaving, a Wesenrein knocks him out and takes him to where they’re keeping Monroe. They want Bud to testify as a witness that Monroe has committed the “crimes”he is charged with. Bud tries to finagle his way out of it, but they hit him a few times and get him cooperating.

Grimm 4.10 Tribunal6Juliette and Rosalee find out the connection is Acker’s sister, who came to the wedding. They bring her into the station and bluff Acker by threatening to have Nick kill her, since he’s a Grimm, Acker believes it and spills the beans about where Monroe is. The crew arrives just as Monroe is about to be burnt on a stake. A few Wesenrein try to escape, but they all get killed, and the rest are arrested. Monroe and Rosalee tag team the headmaster Wesenrein to get a little revenge, while Juliette woges into her new Hexenbiest form and gets her own first kill.

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