Last week, Gotham ramped up the action by finally paying off some of the long standing plot lines (the Liza plot, etc.), but the fallout turns predictably bland. Jim and Harvey are put back on a murder-of-the-week type case, while easy escapes are granted to all our “in trouble” characters.

***** SPOILERS BELOW *****

Gotham 1.13 Welcome Back hmmGCPDAfter Falcone strangled Liza and took Fish and Butch captive, the worst could have happened. Instead, Fish is given to Bob the “doctor” aka torturer. Yet, he doesn’t do much torturing. He mostly poses with the weapons while looking menacing. And it is all short-lived because Butch manages to escape his captors, find Fish’s location, and rescue her. That was easy! I will say that Fish in the torture chair was deliciously fun! She ramped up her fierce accent and played to her strengths. Anyone else wondering what her real name could be? Hmm. Maybe it’s Ruth or Jane.

Anyways, Jim and Harvey are called to a dilapidated warehouse where the body of a presumed drug dealer is found. Narcotics Detective Arnold Flass (Dash Mihok), also known as that asshole cop who keeps picking on Ed Nygma, is calling the shots. He missed the drugs hidden away in the dead guy’s shoe, but sleuthing Jim made the discovery. They call down the janitor of the warehouse to come in for an interrogation. He apparently witnessed the murder.

So, poor janitor Leon Winkler comes down to the Gotham City Police Department, the most inept and crime-ridden police force this side of Metropolis, and gets himself killed by the murderer, which means the murderer must be a cop. And who is the only other cop we know? Flass. Sort of disappointed that Gotham went this predictable way. Regardless, Jenkins’ murder causes Jim to rage and try to tear apart the police force. Both Captain Essen and Harvey tell him he can’t, but we all know that Jim won’t stop until he has solved the crime (which he always does because he is never wrong. Le sigh).

Gotham 1.13 Welcome Back investigationEventually, Jim finds a lead, thanks to a narcotics cop named Delaware (Niko Nicotera). The drugs found in the first victim’s shoe are also found in his car. However, because this whole narcotics/dirty cop thing goes higher up, the Captain takes him off the case and Flass continues to be cocky and an arse, specifically to Ed Nygma again, after he steals a note that Ed gave to the annex girl, Kristen Kringle. Side note: Ed is fun and all, but his stalking of Miss Kringle is getting excessive. That girl needs to go to HR, stat! She later apologizes for Flass’ behavior, which ends up giving Ed more false hope. Bad move, Kringle, bad move!

Later, Harvey tells Jim that all the cops basically have deals with the drug dealers and they control it all. Jim gets pissed off again, because it’s not right. Flass and the other cops are protected by higher up people, including the commissioner. Harvey warns Jim not to mess with it, but WE ALL KNOW Jim is gonna mess with them. When will Harvey and everyone else learn? Harvey takes Jim to a secret stash house, where they try and arrest Delaware, but he apparently has a signed warrant already? Whatever.

Back at GCPD, Winkler’s death is amazingly ruled a suicide, yet how he stabbed himself in the back remains a mystery. Jim is once again pissed, but the Captain tells him unless he has actual evidence, he needs to move on. Yet, we all know Jim CAN’T move on. He must solve it all, despite everyone’s repeated warnings, because he’s a good guy, y’all.

Gotham 1.13 Welcome Back maPengMeanwhile, Butch wants to leave town with Fish, but she wants to fry up some Penguin first. Speaking of Penguin, he has taken over Fish’s club, bringing his crazy mother and a large goon named Gabe. His mother dances around and speaks madness. It’s no wonder Penguin is unhinged. Jim actually shows up to ask Penguin a favor – asking him to get some guys to non-violently talk to Delaware to try to find evidence (the ice pick murder weapon). Penguin agrees, claiming he and Jim are friends. Oh, gosh. After everyone leaves except Penguin, we get a very odd montage of Penguin dancing and drinking and prancing around Fish’s club. His joy is interrupted by the arrival of Butch and a bat-wielding Fish!

Gotham 1.13 Welcome Back batFISH

Meanwhile, Penguin’s lackey, Gabe, interrogates Delaware, all the while holding his wife under water in a tub. Delaware seems to be freaking out. Gabe arrives at GCPD and gives Jim the evidence: the bloodied ice pick and a taped confession implicating Flass. Perfect.

Gotham 1.13 Welcome Back gunZsasz

Back at Fish’s, er Penguin’s club, Penguin grovels at Fish’s feet and she hits him with the bat. But soon he boasts about out manipulating her and his teaming up with Falcone. Just before Fish does something rash, Zsasz and his leather-clad matrix looking henchwoman arrive and a shootout occurs. Butch pushes Fish through a window while he holds them off. This is the third time he has put his life on the line for Fish. What is the truth behind their relationship? Well, Butch gets caught and instead of getting killed, Zsasz wants to play with him.

Gotham 1.13 Welcome Back jimPengNow that he has the evidence, Jim just goes for it. He confronts and attempts to arrest Flass in front of everyone. Everyone just stares, not saying a word, as Flass continues to act cocky and deny Jim’s claims. Eventually though, Captain Essen steps forward and tells Flass to shut up and arrests him. Yay! Finally, some good at the terribly run GCPD!

In a sentiment echoing Penguin’s earlier departure from Gotham, Fish is now leaving in the dark of the night. Luckily, she has Harvey there to give her a kiss and make a promise to find and save Butch. And so, on the verge of tears, Fish departs Gotham like we’ve never seen her before. She promises to be back to make Penguin suffer…


After a successful arrest based on Jim’s stubborn resistance to follow any orders that conflict with his do-gooder mindset, a kink is created in his white knight armor. Delaware, the man Gabe “interrogated,” comes groveling to Jim on his knees, begging him to keep his family out of it. Jim’s face says it all: he is horrified. The white knight image of Jim Gordon found it’s first speck of dirt.

Gotham 1.13 Welcome Back HarvbIf you were wondering about where young Bruce Wayne has been, you’re in luck! He’s back this episode (after being gone for the past two). He had been out of town hiding from the assassins previously. Now, he is back and looking for Selina in all her old places around town. He doesn’t find her, but runs into a snarky, money-grubbing Ivy, who they pay to give a message to Selina.

Later, Selina shows up at Wayne Manor. Bruce gives her a snow globe, which is random and useless, and then asks her to move in with him. Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm it down, Bruce! You barely know her and you guys kissed once. Selina appropriately freaks out, telling Bruce she can’t and then lying about never seeing who killed his parents. Bruce smashes the snow globe and cries. Wow, talk about a stage 5 clinger. Alfred comforts young Bruce in his heartbreak.

What did you guys think of this episode? I still thought it was pretty good despite being a bit predictable. It was interesting to see Jim go to Penguin for help. Is it possible to be totally good and just as a cop, or does one have to eventually get their hands dirty? Bruce and Selina were barely in the episode, which I counted as a good thing. Give them a bit more time to develop off-screen so we appreciate them more on-screen. Barbara was missing and that was great! Each episode that she is gone is a mini-victory for all of us. But now Fish is leaving Gotham. How long will Jada Pinkett be away? I’m sure we will all find out soon enough! Comment below with your thoughts and concerns!

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