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Red Carpet interviews from this past Friday with the cast and producers of King of the Nerds produced by 5×5 Media, Inc.  which is now in their third season on TBS hosted by Curtis Armstrong and Robert Reed Carradine.    The show is a reality based show, where the team mates have to undergo challenges and win so they are not sent home to be crowned ‘King of the Nerd,’ as well as win $100,000. 
While at the party, we got to mingle with ‘real’ nerds, talk to several from seasons one, two and now three as well as see their office.  I felt right at home and wanted to moved in as soon as I saw their office.  In the office, they had several Marvel posters, a pool table, a full scale batman logo, several statues of superhero comic book characters, a full bar, and so much more.  It was a nerd / geeky heaven to say the least.

King of the Nerds is based on the 1984 movie ‘Revenge of the Nerds.’  Curtis and Robert wanted to start the show back in 2006, however they failed, and in 2013, 5x5Media, Inc picked the show up, which later TBS brought.  The show is a huge success.  After asking several of the competitors, how nerdy they were and if they were real, the answer was yes.  One the questions, I kept on asking is what was their favorite nerdy / geeky thing they liked the most, and the number one answer was ‘Star Wars,’ Episodes 4 -6, even Curtis said this during this interview.  Then the big question came out while speaking to Curtis which was is he a true nerd and the answer is YES. 

KoN_02     Carradine and Armstrong

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King of the Nerds is for nerds produced by nerds.  They have created a family type relationship between the producers and the competitors.

Check out the interviews below:
Todd Landree

Benjamin Tully

Craig Armstrong

Curtis Armstrong

Jonathan Adler

Pom Pom Kitty

Steven Raff

Thomas Vollum