Castle witnesses (or does he?) a murder in the most recent episode of Castle. He gets a new client, who turns out to be an old friend, who needs his help to catch her husband cheating. After completing the job, he goes to drop off some photos, and stumbles upon her body being dragged out of the house. This episode has some surprising twists and turns!

***** SPOILERS BELOW *****

The episode begins with Beckett and Castle getting ready to play hooky and work together from home, when Castle gets a call from a possible client. He goes to the office and meets with Eva Whitfield (Brianna Brown), who says she went to high school with him and wants his help to catch her husband cheating. Although he doesn’t normally do this line of work, Castle is a sucker for a sad story and face and agrees to help her. Castle follows the husband, Cole Whitfield (Ivan Sergei) and within hours has photographic evidence of his infidelity.

Castle 7.13 I, Witness7Castle tells Beckett that Eva wants him to drop the photos off at her house that night. She’s packing to leave Cole, but wants to see the photos to confirm her suspicions, once and for all. When Castle arrives at the house, he sees Eva’s bloody body being dragged out of the house and into a vehicle. He follows the vehicle, but when it stops in a wooded area and he gets out to investigate, he gets knocked out from behind. Castle never saw the killer, but he firmly believes it was Cole.

On a lighter note, it turns out Ryan has set up a profile for Esposito in hopes of getting him dating again, since Esposito and Lanie have called it quits again.

Castle 7.13 I, Witness2The crew bring in Taylor McKinley (India de Beaufort), the woman Cole was having an affair with and his alibi. She confirms his story, but Beckett doesn’t believe her. When Cole tells Castle that Eva called him that morning from her mobile phone, Beckett traces the call to the area near Taylor’s apartment. Beckett brings her in again, believing that she made the call to help Cole maintain the illusion that Eva was will alive, but Taylor says she got called in to work that morning and wasn’t even home at the time of the call. This makes Castle suspicious and leads him to believe his client isn’t really dead and is faking her death to get her husband arrested and make off with the $7 million that she transferred from their joint account.

Unfortunately, this theory of Castle’s doesn’t pan out, because Eva’s body is found in the river. After doing some extra background research on the husband, it turns out he was married before, and his first wife was killed under suspicious circumstances, leaving him millions.

Castle 7.13 I, Witness1Lanie finds hairs in the victim’s fingernail, which are matched to Cole. The team heads out to arrest Cole, but when they get to the house, they find his body hanging from the ceiling. It appears to be suicide, but Castle is convinced the man was too conceited to kill himself and there must have been someone else involved.

It ends up Cole had numerous side ladies and was also sleeping with the wife of one his partners. The partner, Robert James (Trent Dawson), was in on the scheme with Eva to fake her death, take the money and take over the company. However, Eva started getting cold feet about setting up her husband. That’s where the 3rd conspirator enters the picture. Cole’s corporate lawyer, Aubrey Haskins (Audrey Marie Anderson), who makes an appearance for the accused parties throughout the episode, ends up having ties to Cole’s first wife. She insinuated herself into his life to get revenge on him for allegedly murdering her. When Eva tried to back out, she killed her, and then killed Cole to tie up the loose ends. As Beckett appropriately sums up at the end of the episode, she committed two murders to get revenge for one.

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