Can’t wait for the debut of Gorilla Grodd on tomorrow night’s episode of The Flash? No worries! Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is offering an advance look at a slightly different Grodd, in this all-new clip from LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs Bizarro League.

In the clip, Grodd has taken control of the minds of several villans including Penguin, Deathstroke and Captain Cold) to carry out his nefarious plan, only to have Batman and Cyborg leap in to action.

Grodd is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

Just for fun, here are some photos from the film.

LEGO JL v BL- Batman Superman

LEGO JL v BL- Batman Grodd

LEGO JL v BL- Justice League

LEGO JL v BL- Gorilla Grodd

LEGO JL v BL- Bizarro League