Marvel_Comics-logoIt was the only news that would make us forget that Brian Williams may again never be seen on TV…or a certain woman from Asgard will be back on Agents of SHIELD.

Today Marvel Entertainment announced it will produce a new Spider-Man movie, with Kevin Fiege and former Sony Studios head Amy Pascal as producers. Spidey is likely to make an appearance next year in Captain America:  Civil War. He may be one of the heroes who thinks he should register with the government, although it would be great if he refereed between Captain America and Iron Man. After that, Sony will release the new Spider-Man movie on July 28th, 2017, and have control over that franchise. Despite that, it may be possible other MCU characters may be part of future movies. There’s speculation Andrew Garfield may be replaced next year, and guesses on who will be the next web-slinger

Fans went nuts over this on Twitter and social media. Harry Knowles, Mr. Aint-It Cool-News suggested JK Simmons return as J. Jonah Jameson, which should have happened sooner. Instead of a newspaper, he should run a news channel called Bugle TV, found on Dish Network and online, but that still doesn’t like superheroes.

There’s also at least one suggestion on who should be the next Spider-Man, Taron Egerton of Kingsmen:  The Secret Service. He’s the student Colin Firth teaches, by the way.

Then there’s a debate on which Spider-Man should be part of the next movie, Peter Parker or Miles Morales. While both are free to exist in the new Marvel Secret Wars Universe, there’s some question if that’s the case in the movies. The movie may be two years away, but it’s best to make a decision quickly.

Comicvine has a list of stories that better be in the new Spidey-verse, mainly a new villain, and no more origin story. Also, if Shailene Woodley isn’t busy, she can get a second chance at being Mary Jane.

The main interest seems to be Spidey being paired off with other MCU characters, like the Avengers or the Fantastic Four.  In the comics, he often had conflicts with the Human Torch. Seeing that on film should be interesting.

Adding a new Spider-Man movie also will mean big changes in the upcoming schedule. Some movies will be moved ahead by several  months: Thor: Ragnarok will be shown in November 2017, Black Panther in July 2018 followed by Captain Marvel in November, and Inhumans will debut in July 2019. The two Avengers:  Infinity War movies will still be shown in May 2018 and May 2019.

So, even between movies in the MCU, we’ll have a lot of discussions about Ultron, Ant-Man, Dr. Strange, and now the 2017 Spider-Man. Eat your heart out, Harry Potter

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