This week on Grimm, Nick has to recruit the help of one of the Wesen he put behind bars to stop a fire-starting Wesen from killing more people.  You’re also in for a treat, with a little Hexenbiest v. Hexenbiest action between Juliette and Adalind.

***** SPOILERS BELOW *****

The episode begins with a Wesen who looks like he could be the Human Torch out of the Fantastic Four, except a little more murderous!  Back at Nick’s, Juliette is clearly struggling with her decision on whether or not to tell Nick about her recently acquired Hexenbiest problems.  Right now she’s erring on the side of caution and keeping her mouth shut about it, although I think knowing Nick like she does, she should try trusting him a little more.

grimm-trial-by-fireThe flaming Wesen torched a family business; Nick and Hank are suspicious of the owner’s of the business who had a 5 million dollar policy on the business. They think they might have had someone torch the place for them.  Nick finds out there was a case similar to this one before, and the cop who knows the most about it unfortunately is a Wesen cop he previously arrested, Orson (Daniel Roebuck).  With the help of Orson, Nick and crew determine their fire starter is an “Excandesco;” a flaming person.  The family attorney meets with the Excandesco and it turns out the family was in fact involved in the arson.  The attorney suggests he cover his tracks, including his last clients who might be able to ID him.  The Excandesco agrees and proceeds to set the attorney himself aflame.

Adalind says she wants to try a little “diplomacy” with Juliette to try and get some answers out of her.  Nick brings Orson to the spice shop for help and Monroe shows up and is not happy, due to his history with Orson.  Monroe and Rosalee have a bit of a spat, where she tells him this isn’t about him or Orson but about the victims.  Monroe gets upset and leaves, but shortly after returns and is ready to help.

The Excandesco calls the business owner to finish covering his tracks and asks him to meet him at the burn site to explain to him how the fire started.  The Excandesco tapes the owner to the chair, and waits for his son to arrive, who was actually the one that hired the Excandesco because he didn’t want to work for his family business.  Monroe and Rosalee bring the potion needed to repel the Excandesco.  Orson enters the building first to distract the Excandesco, who he says won’t be expecting him.

Nick unties the business owner, and as the Excandesco prepares to light them, up they spray him with the potion using waterguns.  The potion seems to work a little too well, and rather than just stop him from burning them up, the potion causes the Excandesco to burn up from the inside and he explodes.  I guess it’s for the best, seeing as it might have been a little difficult to keep him in prison.  Nick drops Orson back off at the prison and thanks him for his help.

adalind-grimm-trial-by-fireMeanwhile, Adalind pays Juliette a visit, saying she wants her child back.  It takes less than a quick minute for these two to start going at it, and it’s Hexenbiest on Hexenbiest.  Juliette is a major bad ass and Adalind ends up running straight out the door.  Clearly, that didn’t go the way she wanted it to go.  Nick arrives home, and Juliette finally tells Nick the truth about becoming a Hexenbiest.

What did you think of the episode?  How will Nick react to Juliette becoming a Hexenbiest?  Comment below!

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