Reese moonlights as a security guard and Harold plays chess with a runaway Samaritan asset.


*******Spoilers Below*************

Team Machine tries to center its focus back on the irrelevant numbers, but every time they get in the groove, Samaritan pulls them back in. Reese is inexplicably working as a security guard at a tech firm while Harold visits as a university professor. Oh, wait. Harold’s cover is Professor Whistler anyway, but it’s strange when he does not have a name that is a bird derivative. The Reese and Finch banter is back in full swing as they tease each other throughout Finch’s tour.

The Number of the week is a young woman working on new software at the company, but she is sporting bruises, which Reese assumes some boyfriend gave her. This is also known as the standard first level red herring. Turns out she is a MMA fighter which has nothing to do with case, but ends up being handy in the few attempts on her life.  Well for her, not the bad guys.

POI-Q&A_02While Reese is protecting the Number, Harold gets contacted by an old Number, Claire, that needs his help. It seemed obvious that Claire showing up might be a ruse by Samaritan to draw Harold and his team out from hiding. Fortunately, Harold has always been suspicious by nature, and did not bring the injured Claire (shot by Smaritan snipers to sell the story) back to his safe house. Every time Claire told another piece of her tale of woe, about her recruitment, the more it seemed like a lie. Harold obviously did not trust her, and was on verge of leaving her to her fate, but that spark of humanity was almost his downfall.  Harold tried to turn off his sympathy since the team has suffered so much loss, but can’t bring himself to abandon a young girl.  Claire knew all the pressure points to press, but Harold pre-wiped his laptop in case it all went pear-shaped.  It does that very quickly once Claire accidentally calls Harold by name (he made sure not to tell her his name).

Also, it should be noted this is like the third or fourth time Harold has been kidnapped. Team Machine should really have a built in protocol for this eventuality. Luckily, his original kidnapper from season one, swooped down and rescued him. Those not keeping track, that would be Root.

POI-Q&A_03Oh, yeah and everything worked out saving the Number of the week, but to be honest that was not the most compelling story. The highlight of the episode was definitely Harold vs. Claire. She has an idealistic view of Samaritan and is a true believer. That makes her way more dangerous than the regular Samaritan goons.  This round against Samaritan ended in a draw, but can’t wait for the next outing pitting Greer vs Harold though.

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