After last week’s eye-smashing episode, Gotham showed that it could be a show of unpredictability and change. Hopefully it can keep up this momentum because I know that I prefer a show of unpredictable developments that throw our characters into interesting and different scenarios more so than a villain-of-the-week procedural. If I wanted that, I could watch a plethora of other shows.

Alfred is still recovering at the hospital after the surprise stabbing by his friend, Reggie Payne (David O’Hara). Jim pays a visit and asks if Alfred can remember anything, but Alfred denies seeing anything. Once Jim has gone, Alfred explains to young Bruce that he is going to find out the truth on his own and struggles to get out of the hospital bed. Bruce orders him back in bed because he is ten and he acts like a forty-year-old.

Gotham 1.18 Eveyone Has Cobblepot GCPDBack at the GCPD, Jim is pissed to find out that Detective Arnold Flass (Dash Mihok), the crooked cop from a few episodes back, is being vindicated of his crime by a key witness. It seems that Commissioner Loeb (Peter Scolari) is behind it and wants Flass as the President of GCPD. I don’t understand what exactly that is, but Jim isn’t happy about it. He pulls in Harvey Dent (Nicholas D’Agosto) to help him get to the bottom of it. Flass is already back at GCPD and boasting about it, but Jim still isn’t having it. Jim visits Commissioner Loeb and shouts and argues, but Loeb just plays a video of Harvey Bullock (the key witness!) testifying that he lied about the evidence he gave on Flass. To be honest, all of the Flass business bores me. He’s obnoxious and I’d rather the show focus other characters, but alas…

Also, where in good god is Dr. Leslie Thompkins (Morena Baccarin)? She has been missing and I want her back dearly! Her absence hasn’t even been explained? It’s just all too odd!

Jim seemingly has forgotten about Leslie because he is too busy scowling and yelling at everyone, including Bullock, who he confronts about the video. Basically, Commissioner Loeb has “something” on Harvey, like how Jim had a “cobblepot” who he was supposed to kill. In fact, Loeb seemingly has dirt on every cop in GCPD and that is how he has leverage over all of them. Well, Jim SHAN’T and WON’T let this stand. He is a GOOD cop, and he will not stop till justice is served.

Gotham 1.18 Everyone Has Cobblepot dentThe weather-challenged Gotham is now dealing with a snow storm, but that doesn’t stop Jim from meeting Dent in a diner to figure out a plan to procure all of Loeb’s secret files on everyone. Dent suddenly gets an idea – and the two go to confront fellow cop, Charley Griggs (Michael J. Burg), who used to be Loeb’s partner years ago. Loeb, of course, has something on Griggs, too, and Griggs is reluctant to talk. But he sends them to Xi Lu (Perry Yung), a Chinese bookkeeper who may have the answers.

Gotham 1.18 Everyone Has Cobblepot investigationWelp, turns out Griggs was setting them up, because all Jim and Dent get from Xi Lu is a gang of angry Chinese money counters brandishing knives and other weapons, chasing them off their property. Luckily, Bullock gets wind of the situation and rescues Jim and Dent from certain doom.

Bullock is unimpressed at how easily they were set up by Griggs, so he does it his way: he pushes Griggs’ head out of a moving car demanding to know where Loeb’s files are. Griggs reveals Loeb is in with Falcone! And who has a connection they can use with Falcone? None other than Oswald Cobblepot!

Gotham 1.18 Everyone Has Cobblepot angryJimJim and Harvey approach Oswald about their plan, but Oswald wants to know what is in it for him? Jim says that he would owe Oswald a favor and also five minutes of alone time with the mysterious files. Oswald is relishing his usefulness and agrees, taking the guys out to a mysterious old house in the middle of nowhere. At the house, an old couple, Jude (Dan Ziskie) and Marge (Becky Ann Baker) greet them and give them tea. Mysterious loud noises come from upstairs and the woman becomes more suspicious of their appearance. After Jim and Harvey attempt to search the place, Marge comes in with a gun, blasting at them. Jim and Harvey easily are able to take them down, leaving Oswald on guard duty as they go upstairs.

Gotham 1.18 Everyone Has Cobblepot madLAdyUpstairs, they find a crazy dancing young woman named Miriam Loeb (Nicholle Tom), Commissioner Loeb’s daughter!  Jim and Bullock interview Miriam, discovering she’s the one who killed her own mother (oh yeah, forgot to mention, Loeb’s wife mysteriously died years ago and some people thought he was responsible). Miriam is unhinged and takes to creating necklaces created from the bones of birds she kills. All of this is interrupted by a commotion below. It seems Marge and Jude overpowered Oswald and escaped.

Gotham 1.18 Everyone Has Cobblepot fineladyBack at GCPD, Jim bursts into Loeb’s office with one of Miriam’s necklaces. Loeb is ready to resign to keep his daughter out of the way, but Jim is smarter than that. He is going to use this information on Miriam as leverage over Loeb. Firstly, he gets Loeb to give him the file/dirt he has on Bullock and then he gets Loeb to publicly endorse Jim for President of GCPD. He complies to both. Looks like Jim is gonna be President now- of the GCPD, that is.

Later, Jim hands over Bullock’s file to him and it isn’t really clear if he read it or not. Bullock tells him to be careful about his “IOU” to Oswald. He could make Jim do something bad if it came to it. Speaking of Oswald, he obviously struck a deal with Jude and Marge, and reunites with them later at his club. He tells them he can only get one of them out of the city, but they have to decide between themselves. Jude refuses to fight, but Marge overpowers and strangles her husband to death. Turns out Oswald was lying to both though, because he only had one bullet left in his gun. He then shoots Marge. Wow, Oswald, you sly little bird devil.

At the hospital, Cat visits Bruce and tells him she is sorry. Bruce tells her a bit about what happened and why he suspects Reggie stole his files. Cat wants to help, but then Bruce doesn’t want her to because he doesn’t want anyone else getting hurt for him. Yawn. Whatever.

We also get a little of Ed Ngyma this week. Since Flass has been released, he is worried Kristen Kringle (Chelsea Spack) will go back to him, but she assures him she won’t. Welp, that’s because she has a new boyfriend, another cop named Tom. Ed was all pleased and ready to ask her on a date, but instead gets Tom jokingly telling him a riddle. If looks could kill… Poor Ed. But, I hope they don’t make his descent into madness about some girl. Ugh. Because it should be more than that.

Gotham 1.18 Eveyone Has Cobblepot FisheyeAnd if you think I have forgotten about Fish Mooney, no worries, I am going to talk about her right now. If you thought she’d be sporting an eye patch for the rest of her life, you are mistaken. We finally get to meet the actual doctor behind it all, Francis Dulmacher/The Dollmaker (Colm Feore). He greets Fish as she awakens from her slumber. She boasts about her accomplishments so far and the Doctor just admires her boldness. He even gave her a new eye, but unfortunately it doesn’t match her old one as it is bright blue. Looking good, Fish. Not sure of the science behind it, but okay.

Fish and the Doctor go back and forth. She wants to be is second in command, right hand woman. He continues to talk in a philosophical sense, explaining his thoughts on organ transplantation and such. He also reveals the former manager, who we met last week, has been transplanted a new disfigured woman’s(?) body and Fish is horrified! Fish is ready to do anything to increase her position though. Down in the prison/dungeon, they are doubting Fish’s return. Yoohoo! She strolls in, tells them to let the guard prisoner go, and reassures them all before snapping her finger and getting the guards to snatch up a bunch of people, including her former friend Kelly (Thomas Schmidt). One outspoken prisoner yells in defiance, but she tells them that not all would survive and there would be sacrifices!

Gotham 1.18 Everyone Has Cobblepot dulmacherBack upstairs, Dulmacher applauds her works and welcomes her to upper management. He says he won’t have to worry about her escaping or double-crossing him, because… dun dun dun… they are on a snowy island in the middle of a nowhere! What is a fish gonna do?

And there we have it! The episode was fast-paced and featured a lot of great new development. Jim now owes Oswald a favor, has leverage over the Commissioner, and is in line to become the next President of the GCPD. Wow. All the episodes of him brooding and grunting have finally paid off. I wonder what Leob had on Bullock? That has to come out eventually. Once again, Fish’s predicament and Bruce’s situation both feel like completely different shows and I struggle to stay interested, especially in Bruce. He is just so “old” for a kid. As for Fish, she has a lot of work ahead of her if she ever wants to return to Gotham. Can she do it? Also, where is LESLIE THOMPKINS?

Let me know what you guys thought of the episode below! Share any comments, questions, theories, or concerns!

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