Not too long ago, Skye was considered to be the future of SHIELD.  Now, she’s considered by some to be a dangerous threat.

It’s not her fault, yet it could be her undeserved fate.

SHIELD Aftershocks BThat moment came when she could no longer control her earth-shaking powers in “Who You Really Are”. Her fear of being exposed after Vin-Tak the Kree said he had to find anyone who underwent terrigenesis, and keep them from being a threat, set off a power she doesn’t understand or want.

It not only damaged the base, but the trust her friends had for her. They even argued over what to do with her. While Fitz thought they shouldn’t lock her up in a cage, Mack said, “We’re the ones who need protection from her”, just loud enough for Skye to hear. Even Simmons expressed that fear, thinking people with powers may be infected.

Because she has powers, she is a threat instead of a friend, even if it is not her fault.

That fear is based on SHIELD’s experiences with other people with powers, who have been mostly villains.  Still, is it fair she has to be considered a threat just like them? The difference between her and them is that she hasn’t learned to control her power, and use it to her advantage. The powered bad guys did, although in one case he was forced to use his abilities for dark reasons.

Earlier this season, the agents had to fight Carl Creel, a man who could absorb anything around him. There was no mention of how he got those powers. In the comics, it was due to Loki, but in the TV show, could it have been due to the mist?

Donnie Gill, a former student at the SHIELD Academy, developed the ability to freeze his surroundings after an accident with a weather machine. His ability was exploited by HYDRA.

Then there’s two examples of men undergoing something similar to terrigenesis:  Extremis, which gives a person super-strength..along with SHIELD Skye Terregenesis rage and later death. Mike Peterson, an unemployed father, was willing to be a guinea pig for the chemical. He barely escaped with his life, but he was later exploited by Centipede, or rather HYDRA.
Chan Yo Hin, a Chinese street performer who could make fire with his hands.  He was given Extremis to enhance those powers, and became a very dangerous firebug.

In both of those cases, a girl in a flowered dress named Raina was involved, She was also involved in reuniting Skye with her dad, and the release of the Diviner. She may be wondering why she had turned into a monstrosity while Skye had not. Maybe the Diviner knew what Raina was doing with HYDRA, and gave her the form she deserved.

The powers each of these people have are only evil if they are used that way. Imagine an absorbing man who could be a temporary dam to stop a flood, or Gill using his ice powers for more constructive reasons. Peterson became Deathlok because they threatened his son, and put a kill switch in his eye.

Meanwhile, the descendants of those who were changed by terregenesis centuries ago had kept to themselves. However, most of them didn’t become a threat. In the case of Jiaying, Skye’s mom, the process gave her a long life while barely aging. Once Daniel Whitehall had discovered SHIELD Raina Inhumanthem, he saw them as a new weapon for HYDRA.

He later got help from Cal Zabo, Skye’s father. It was part of a plan to get revenge against Whitehall, which Zabo never got. Now, he plans to organize his own group of villains to attack SHIELD and who knows who else.

Again, it shows that Skye may have a shocking power, but it’s only evil when it is exploited, or in her case, not under control. Once she does learn how to use it properly, she will again be an asset, and the future, of SHIELD.

For now, Skye has to be locked away because she’s a threat, thanks to a power she never wanted.

It also sets up an interesting situation. While Skye is in the middle, there’s Cal’s Evil Inhuman Gang set to strike back against humanity, and Coulson in particular. On the other side, there’s Gordon (aka the Reader), who has taken Rainia into his circle. She may want revenge against Cal for deserting her. Gordon, though, may only want humanity to respect him and other Inhumans who just want to live their lives. They may be very reluctant to be anyone’s weapons, whether Kree or HYDRA.

That’s why season 2 of Agents of SHIELD will be more than good vs. evil. It’ll also be a fight to be different, and still be part of the world.