This week on Once Upon A Time, viewers will find out more about what August knows about the author.  Is August the missing key for Regina to finding her happy ending? And what is Robin doing back on our screens? Find out below!


The episode starts with a glimpse into Hook’s past, which we will end up getting a good bit of this episode.  Hook is on the Jolly Roger and his ship has almost sailed into a bunch of rocks, being led by the voice of Ursula.  Ursula’s father, Triton (Ernie Hudson), who is distraught over his wife being killed by a pirate, has been forcing Ursula to use her beautiful singing voice to lead pirates to their death.  She is resisting, not wanting to use her voice to hurt people, and stops singing before Hook’s ship crashes.

Once-Upon-a-Time-Episode-4-15-Poor-Unfortunate-Soul-once-upon-a-time-38278386-3000-2000Back in Storybrooke, August is getting threatened unless he gives up information about the author.  Regina reminds the villains that August used to be made of wood and maybe they need to “light a fire” under him to get him to talk.  The villains still don’t trust Regina enough to let her fully in on the plan, so she sends some freaky magic message to the heroes by taking over Snow’s body for a minute to talk to them.  Regina tells them August is back in adult form and Gold is back in town.  The heroes go to Gold’s shop looking for the dagger and Belle realizes she was fooled again by Gold.

Hook tells Emma he thinks he can get answers from Ursula by giving her back her happy ending, because he’s the one who took it from her.  Regina has a dream where Robin comes back, and while they are having their happy reunion, the Evil Queen shows up and throws a fireball at them.  Regina seems to think the Evil Queen was trying to protect Robin.  Good luck decoding the symbolism of that dream.  Hook makes a deal with Ursula to help her get her happy ending in exchange for answers about Gold.  It turns out Hook was working with young Ursula to try to get both of their happy endings, but when Triton stopped them, Hook angrily took Ursula’s singing voice from her.

OUAT 4.15 Poor Unfortunate Soul UrsulaIn Storybrooke, Ursula brings back the Jolly Roger from another realm, while Gold is off turning August into wood to show he means business.  Gold has made it to where anytime August lies, his nose grows.  While being threatened with his nose getting burnt off in the fire, August starts to talk.  He says the door (and probably author?), is in Storybrooke.  The papers Marco gave Regina have some clues; Regina says she has already given the papers to Henry to look for clues.

When Hook tries to give Ursula back her voice, something goes wrong and the magic doesn’t work.  Ursula says the deal is off, to which Hook gets angry and threatens to shoot her.  That doesn’t go too well for him, she just knocks the gun away with one of her tentacles and throws him overboard.  Ariel, who had apparently been trapped with the Jolly Roger, saves him.  Triton also, apparently, was brought to Storybrooke with the Jolly Roger, so Hook brings Triton to Ursula.  Triton says he was wrong, gives Ursula her voice back, and they reunite.

OUAT 4.15 Poor Unfortunate Soul ERNIE HUDSONEmma congratulates Hook on doing such a good thing, to which he responds that he was a villain and he’s worried he’s going to lose his happy ending, too.  Emma asks him what his happy ending is, to which he responds it’s her, and they start kissing.  Emma seems really happy, but I can’t help but wonder how long Captain Swan happiness is going to last.  Back at Emma’s apartment, Regina asks Emma to find a number for her to contact Robin.  August is recovering at the apartment and he tells the group that the door on the page that Henry has isn’t just an illustration.  It’s the actual door, and the author is trapped in the book.

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