You know what we love more than being geeks? Celebrating our geekiness! And no one does it better than the Geekie Awards! Kristen Nedopak promises another fabulous event of fun and fandom as the Geekeratti come out to shine. This year — the event’s third – we can expect some exciting changes:

geekieWe get to choose the winners! Yes, that’s right! After the judges provide the nominations, we all get a chance to make our vote count. Cool, right?

New categories! Although the existing categories do a bang up job of hitting the talent and projects we love, this year we’ll also get a Music category, and the crowd favorite Web Series will now be shared as “scripted” and “non-scripted”. Makes sense, and I don’t know about you, but it also makes me excited for this year’s awards!

And what might be the biggest, boldest news of all: The event will take place over 2 days! I know, right?! How amazing is that? Think of all the awesome!

There’ll be tons more news to come, but for more details on these changes, read it all here.

And of course be sure to check back with the main site,, so you don’t miss a thing or come back here to Whedonopolis for the updates!