If there is one thing that I learned from this week’s Bates Motel, it’s that “boar jerky” exists and Chick (Ryan Hurst) is a big fan! But on to more important stuff, like the pesky flash drive that Norma and Dylan are hiding. It is a big source of conflict this week, as Bob Paris (not Bob Harris) and his creepy men really want to get it back. Norma shows both her strengths and weaknesses, but when you make a deal with the devil, you better watch your back.

It’s the next day after Norman explosively ran away from Dylan at the farm the night before. Dylan sleeps in his car and Norman sleeps in his bed, watched over by Emma. (EMMA, girl, whatchu doing there? I thought you were over Norman and done? Why are you back and acting all fine?! UGH). Norma is crying while driving, per usual, before a car drives her off the road. Her car gets a few more bumps/scratches and she laments her situation with the cows in the field. But, the man who drove her off the road, comes back and threatens her. He knows who she is and tells her to talk to Bob Paris and give him back what he wants.

Bates Motel 3.05 The Deal romeroBobMeanwhile, Romero is looking into Lindsey’s death (the girl in the water). He asks a fisherman named Stan, who is reluctant to speak, but eventually leads Romero to Bob Paris (Kevin Rahm). Again. Romero interrupts Bob’s lunch date with Romero’s rival, Marcus Young (Adetomiwa Edun). They have a tete-a-tete again about Annika and Lindsey’s deaths and Bob is all nonchalant and basically admitting he is guilty and that Romero can’t do anything about it. Bob just wants his flash drive back from Norma. That is all.

Back at Bates household, Norman tells Emma and then Dylan about how he told Norma about Caleb being in town. He is sorry about it, but he had to. But then Dylan gets a call: Norma is in the hospital! He rushes to the hospital, expecting the worst. But Norma has NO idea about Caleb, instead quickly telling Dylan about getting run off the road, etc. Dylan wants to tell Romero, but Norma wants to use the situation to her advantage, getting some stuff (for the motel) in return for the flash drive. Dylan doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

At the motel, we see a guest. (They exist!) Emma tells him the wifi password is MOTHER, which is genius and beautiful. Dylan confronts Norman about actually NOT telling Norma. Norman still thinks he did, which makes Dylan think one of them is insane. How right you are, Dylan! He tells Norman he is going to tell Norma himself.

Bates Motel 3.05 The Deal lunchDATENorma sits at a bus stop before being approached by her “stalker” professor James Finnegan (Joshua Leonard). This guy just CAN’T leave her alone. It’s creepy. He wants to give her a lift and take her to lunch. At lunch, Norma finally relents, thinking James can help her. But then, she asks if he is attracted to her, to which he answers that he is.. a lot. OKAY. RED ALARM GOING OFF. He says he can handle himself though if she becomes his patient. Just weird, but if it makes Norma happy, then I’m for it.

Meanwhile, Caleb is in the woods feeling sorry for himself, looking at a childhood picture of himself and Norma. He then takes out his anger by hacking at a tree with an axe. Chick suddenly approaches him with a gun, asking him if he wants boar jerky. It’s as weird as it sounds. Chick wants to hug it out with Caleb and gives him advice about life being crappy. Then he offers Caleb a job as his driver. Alrighty…

Bates Motel 3.05 The Deal normanBack at the Bates house, Norman asks his mother if he talked to her at all this morning, asking about a certain white and blue dress. Norma says he wasn’t, but instead of telling her anything. He sneaks up to her bedroom, finds the dress, sniffs it, and then holds it to his body before stealing it away to his room. Um, what? Norman is insane!

Back at the farm, Gunner (forgot about him) is hanging out, when the timer goes off. He discovers the flash drive, hacks it open, and discovers that it is a ledger about the drug trade and contains the names of all the richest people in town. He relays all this information to Dylan, who then tells Norma. Norma wants to use it as leverage while Dylan wants to tell Romero, saying he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her now that he has a family. Aww, Dylan good for you. I think he has convinced her…

Romero discovers one of his informants, Clay, dead in his car. Bob Paris at it again. He returns home, where Norma arrives. She asks if she can trust him before revealing she has the flash drive and her big plan to ask Bob Paris for favors. Romero thinks it is a terrible idea, but she gets all mad, screaming about everything this town did to her and she is sick of it. She thinks he doesn’t approve because she is a woman and mother. She tries to run out, but can’t open the door. Romero holds her as she cries and tells her he will help her.

So, the next day, Romero and Norma go to meet Bob Paris. It’s awkward and Bob is just silently waiting for Norma to say what she has to say. Her pitch is perfectly Norma, with her rambling on and on about what she wants: an exit off the bypass, a billboard for her motel, a pool, etc. Romero flashes her dagger looks. Bob just takes it all in, really wondering if she has it. She reveals she’s seen it, knows all the names, and will turn it over to the FBI if anything happens to her. Bob is impressed and says they have a deal, after making Norma promise for no more additions to the list, since she still refuses to hand over the flash drive. Bob is all like “you got me!” but there is something I don’t trust about him still. Norma better be careful.

Bates Motel 3.05 The Deal dylanBack at home, Norman shows support for Dylan and they have a brotherly hug. They are going to tell Norma together. She arrives home to find them creepily sitting together.  Dylan then spills it all about Caleb. Norma sits silently, listening. Dylan plays up Caleb’s sorrow and apologies and Norman chirps in to support Dylan. Norma then silently gets up and leaves the room.

She goes to her bedroom where she loses it, packing like a crazy woman, throwing stuff around, breaking a mirror, grabbing her gun! Norman and Dylan try to intervene. Norman is particularly upset, while Dylan wants to let her go. She rushes out of the house, telling them to leave her the hell alone! WHAT IS HAPPENING? Emma comes outside as Norma rushes to her car. Norman is freaking out, calling for his mother, but she doesn’t stop. And is gone! Wow!

This episode was great! Where is Norma off to? She had such a strong episode and lost it just at the mention of Caleb. Vera Farmiga once again delivers a very strong, multi-layered performance. What did you guys think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below! Was her deal with Bob Paris a good one, or is he going to double cross her? Why is Emma still into Norman? Will boar jerky make a comeback? Can’t wait for the next episode!

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