Last week, the Ogre/Jason Lennon (Milo Ventimiglia) was terrorizing the women of Gotham. And he kills the loved ones of any cops who try to investigate him. Could Jim’s girlfriend, Lee, be next? She certainly didn’t answer her phone last week. This week, Jim and Harvey are dead set on finding the serial killer. Also, Bruce and Selina do some “detective” work of their own.

***** SPOILERS BELOW *****

cathoBruce is mad after Selina pushed Reggie Payne to his death when she didn’t have to, but Selina justifies it by saying she saved them from further discovery and that Bruce wanted to do it too, but he didn’t have the guts. She even scares off a potential mugger from harming Bruce. Now the two have their eyes set on Bunderslaw, the man who hired Reggie. Bruce wants to get into his safe and Selina is willing to steal his key, but first she warns Bruce to tell no one of what she did to Reggie. And she means it!

Jim is frantically looking for girlfriend, Lee, since she hasn’t answered her phone. She’s not in her office, but Ed is there, slashing apart a watermelon. Lee happens to be home taking a bath, but then she hears glass break. Phew, it’s just a cat, but Jim comes in and she accidentally hits him in the face with her phone. As she cleans him up, he tells her all about the Ogre and his reservations. They profess their love for each other and make out. Aw, that’s nice.

MiloSuaveMeanwhile, the Ogre/Jason Lennon now has some files on Jim and uses them to bring himself to Barbara, Jim’s ex-girlfriend. They flirt and she brings him back to her apartment, where she reveals that she is no longer in a relationship and that no one cares about her (Poor Barb!). This turns the Ogre off from stabbing her and she tells him to leave.


Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot is still determined to kill Don Maroni and all his heathens. He enlists a sort of hit man to get some weapons to do it. Oswald’s mother Gertrud, meanwhile, flits around the club. I must say, Oswald/The Penguin has lost some his appeal, quirk, and charm. He feels more like a normal, regular cutthroat character and he isn’t as fun as he used to be. ‘Tis a shame… Maybe it’s because he can’t face off against Fish. Where is she by the way?

Jim and Harvey need to find this serial killer, so they bring in the first detective who ever worked on the case. The Ogre apparently killed his wife, so he stopped investigating, which led to 11 more girls being killed. Something Jim does not hesitate to remind him. The detective gives them a lead though. As they rush to their car, the Ogre watches menacingly.

They arrive at a cosmetic surgery hospital, where the first victim, Julie Kimble, was a nurse. The hospital won’t give them any info without a warrant, so they leave. But Jim notices the Ogre’s car again. He is sitting in it and he almost runs over Jim and Harvey! Back at the station, Jim tells Captain Essen everything so far. Then he gets a call… it’s the Ogre! He threatens Jim and tells him to stop or he’ll kill someone he loves.

JimLeeJim doesn’t back down from threats. So, after conferring with Lee, he stages a press conference of sorts where he announces to all of Gotham that there is a serial killer in their midst and he is going to find him. The Ogre watches from his apartment, looking pissed.

Meanwhile, Bruce continues to do research on Bunderslaw. Alfred seems to be on the mend (again). Bruce tells Alfred he is going to the Wayne Enterprises Charity Ball tonight with Selina and not with him. That’s cute… I guess. I just often can’t stand children who act like adults and Bruce and Selina are the worst offenders of this. They are kids! Act like kids! Even if you do grow up to be Batman.

Selina heads to Barbara’s apartment, where she frequently stays. She tells a surprised Barbara she is going to the Charity Ball with Bruce Wayne. Bruce even sends her a dress! Barbara is like, dang girl, why doesn’t someone love me like that? Bruce comes by to pick her up and meets Barbara for the first time. Selina looks ridiculous in her dress.

Back on the Ogre trail, Harvey finds a lead and it leads them to a rich, old house owned by the wealthy Van Groot family. When they arrive, they find the “butler” hanging from the ceiling and the decaying corpse of Mrs. Van Groot, the head of the house, in her bed. Jim also notices that a boy’s face is scratched out of various old-timey looking photos.

leaaanThey save the butler’s life and bring him to the station. Harvey and Jim interrogate him. Apparently, his son is the suspected serial killer. He says Mrs. Van Groot took him in as a son, in a way, and mothered him, but was deranged and cruel. His son bought this fantasy about himself and killed Mrs. Van Groot when she laughed at him. The butler claims he hasn’t seen his son since and he’s not a bad guy. Jim seems to disagree, reminding him of the 11 women his son seduced and killed. The butler starts laughing at that, taking out a picture of his son – he was born with a deformed face and would never be able to seduce women. Aha! So, he must’ve gotten plastic surgery at that cosmetic hospital.

Jim and Harvey travel back to the cosmetic hospital with the sketch, and the doctor confirms they worked on him, but doesn’t have a picture of what he looks like now. So, he makes a pretty terrible sketch. Harvey and Jim relay the info to the Captain. They must find him!

oswaldMeanwhile, Oswald boasts to Butch about killing Maroni, but Butch lets him know that Maroni is currently in the nightclub chatting with Oswald’s mother! Oswald looks concerned. Gertrud continues to brag and dote on her son and Maroni takes it all in. Suddenly, he puts a stop to the charade and asks Gertrud if its all an act or if she really believes her son is just a nightclub owner. She doesn’t seem to understand, but Maroni thinks she does. Oswald keeps trying to stop the conversation while Maroni goes on about all the people Oswald has killed. He finally leaves and Oswald is left coddling his frightened mother.

youngBruceCatThe Wayne Enterprises Charity Ball is well under way. All of the grown-up adult people stare at little Bruce and Selina as they dance and pretend to be adults. Later, Bruce starts arguing with Selina about her pushing Reggie out of the window. It is NOT an appropriate time or place, Bruce. He needs to work on being a bit more sly. But, he suddenly notices Bunderslaw, and their plan begins. As Bruce talks to Bunderslaw and distracts him, Selina steals his keys, makes an impression, and returns them to his pocket. Easy!

BkBarbara shows up at the ball, looking beautiful, yet sad. She is soon joined by Jason Lennon/The Ogre. He tells her he came uninvited, but donated $10,000 and they dance. He apologizes for his behavior the previous night and relates to her about the “no one loves the real me” spiel. He sort of admits his real intentions and Barbara tries to get away momentarily, but he pulls her back in. He makes her an offer to make her like him. Barbara is tired of playing this game and hiding, so she goes home with him. Selina sees this, looking concerned.

barbisBACKAt Oswald’s apartment, he comforts his mother. She promises to love him no matter what and that he shouldn’t lie to her. He then proceeds to lie to her. Maroni sends a delivery of flowers to Gertrud. Instead of accepting them, Oswald smashes them, kills the delivery man with the shard of glass, and drags the body down the hall, all the while lying to his mother. That’s the Oswald I like to see!

Back on the case, Jim discovers that the Ogre is going to go after Barbara, based on an old copy of a newspaper he had. He rushes to Barbara’s apartment, but she’s not there. Selina is, though, and she confirms Barbara left with a man who looks like the crappy sketch Jim has.

We see Barbara at the Ogre’s house. She enters his “Fifty Shades of Grey©” torture room. He walks up behind her. She smiles? What!? Creepy and crazy! This is an unexpected turn of events. I’m glad they are finally giving Barbara something fun and interesting to do for once, even if it is evil badness.

Okay, okay, so now to the big elephant in the room: Ed Ngyma! He really comes into his own in this episode, even though his plot has no relation whatsoever to the main story. He quickly discovers that the object of his affection, Kristen Kringle, is being abused by her a–hole cop boyfriend, Dougherty. Ed shows concern, but Kristen tells him to stay out of it. Wrong answer for Ed.

He confronts Dougherty about the abuse and tells him to stop and leave her alone. The hugely obnoxious, misogynistic, ass Dougherty clicks his tongue and bullies Ed, saying women need to be put in their place. Who is this jerk? Ed tells him a riddle about love and Dougherty just laughs in his face.

edddLater, Ed waits outside Kristen’s apartment. He sees Dougherty heading in and stops to confront him again. He tells him to leave Kristen and Gotham. Dougherty hits Ed in the stomach and then Ed up and stabs him, accidentally, at first, but then he stabs him again and again and again, as the lights on the rail above flicker ominously. “Oh no!” says Ed. “Oh great!” says Ed. He descends into madness of laughter and worry and thus the Riddler is born. It was epic and it was great! And kudos to Cory Michael Smith for a masterful performance!

This episode was quite enjoyable, especially to see Ed, and even Barbara, embrace their darker sides. I’m not a fan of the Bruce and Selina adult-like dynamic, but I guess they have to be more grown-up since Gotham is such a mess of a city. Hmm. I’m interested to see where the story goes though. What is Jim going to do now!?

What did you guys think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below.

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