Agents of SHIELD new castIt’s been said for centuries that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, but that doesn’t mean the “friend” will stay that way. That’s what Coulson is worried about when he has to trust Ward for a dangerous mission that falls apart for unexpected reasons. Skye also hopes for a new beginning with her dad, but that also doesn’t work out, thanks to the mistrust of the people of Lai Shi (aka Inhumans).

***** SPOILERS AHEAD *****

SHIELD Frenemy of My Enemy AYou have to hand it to Grant Ward (Brett Dalton). After he left SHIELD with Kara (Maya Stojan), the former Agent 33, he’s been doing just fine. Now he’s recruited by Coulson to infiltrate HYDRA and stop their plans to get “powered people” for its own gains. They especially have to get the trust of Dr. List (Henry Goodman), and that involves using the brainwashed Bakshi (Simon Kassianides). While Coulson wants to use the skills Ward has, he’s still worried Ward may betray them, or have an agenda of his own. Still, Ward is interested in getting a “reboot” through the TAHITI protocol. Some fans may not like that, since they admire Ward, even though he turned into a bad guy. It’s also difficult for Fitz, since Ward almost killed him. At least they have Deathlok, aka Mike Peterson (J. August Richards).

Simmons finally confesses to May that Fitz has the real Toobox, and all those secrets. May isn’t happy about this, but she just wants the truth about Coulson and what he’s planning. Morse is also told, but, at least, she has doubts that Coulson is really worse than HYDRA. Simmons is asked to hack into Deathlok’s visual hardware, which she has been updating, to find Coulson. She agrees, saying it with an attitude she never showed before. Rather attractive, actually. As far as she’s concerned, Coulson is trying to protect Skye.

SHIELD Frenemy of My Enemy FBack at Lai Shi, Cal (Kyle MacLachlan) is hoping his family can be reunited, but Jiaying, Skye’s mom (Dichen Lachman), decides that he should leave. Her people aren’t happy that he is around. Skye tells her she wants to go with him to get to know him better. They’re allowed to go to Milwaukee to bond, and find out more about her parents. Apparently, he was a doctor and Jaiying was studying medicine. They would have had a good life. Also, his last name was Johnson, until it became Zabo, eventually. However, his mind is still a bit jumbled…and has those anger issues.

Skye’s real reason is revealed when she calls May from Milwaukee. She’s hoping SHIELD can find them.

At the big meeting, List wonders how Bakshi got money and assistance while most HYDRA bigwigs were eliminated back in “Aftershocks”. He says he escaped from federal custody thanks to Deathlok, and now HYDRA can have him. That was not part of the plan, and Ward and Kara seem to have the drop on Coulson and Hunter. Ward explains it’s just a bluff to get List’s trust. Besides, Deathlok was about to blast everyone in the room until Fitz tells him to stand down. List’s plane heads out, possibly to Baron Strucker, the current head of HYDRA, and Coulson decides to follow. However, they have a different plan..and it may involve Lai Shi.

Remember Ethan, who asked Gordon (Jamie Harris) to drop him off for a camping trip last week? Ethan is gone, and Gordon is worried someone may have taken him. Jiaying is worried Ethan has been kidnapped, and it wouldn’tSHIELD Frenemy of My Enemy C be surprising if she blames this on SHIELD, mainly because of what happened in Bahrain.
However, it’s really HYDRA, as they’re looking for someone who has conquered “quantum entanglements”, where particles can exist at two places at once over great distances. That sounds like Gordon, but Coulson thinks they’re talking about Skye.

Back in Milwaukee, Cal discovers Lincoln (Luke Mitchell) has been following him and Skye to make sure thinks were fine. This sets off Cal, just in time for HYDRA to charge in, with Coulson not too far behind.

This leads to a meeting between Lincoln and Deathlok, with Lincoln using his electric powers to try to stop him. However, they both wind up being captured by HYDRA. Coulson finds Skye, but Gordon zaps in to take her away. Simmons also hacks into Deathlok, and they first thing they see is Coulson with Ward. Hunter is also seriously wounded. Thus, we have more misunderstandings than a season of Agent Carter. What now?

SHIELD Frenemy of My Enemy DCoulson has one option: surrender to Morse and Mack when they arrive a while later. This means he’ll have to discuss what happened with Gonzales and his “real SHIELD.” It will not be a good meeting

You can’t blame Coulson for this plan. He knew that no matter what Grant Ward has become, he is still very good at what he does. He would have been a legendary agent if he stayed good. In fact, he would have been a very entertaining spinoff compared to plans to have a show starring Hunter and Morse.

This has set up the home stretch for the final four episodes of the season. SHIELD is still at war with itself, but both versions realize HYDRA can be a threat again through “powered people”. However, they still don’t know who Gordon is, although HYDRA wants him.  Jiaying and Gordon are worried they’re going to be attacked, but they think it’s SHIELD. That will continue unless Lincoln and Deathlok figure out how to escape. Cal still wants to rebuild his family, but his anger issues may make that very difficult. How this will end depends on what Skye will do. It could wind up being her origin story…or her end.

Next week:  who are the “dirty half dozen”?

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