Last week, things got REAL creepy. This week, things get even creepier. Bates Motel: Bringing you the creepy since 1960! This week’s episode finds Norma continually trying to fix and control all the problems in her life: Norman, James, Bob, Romero. And now, a giant pit that is being constructed in her lawn. However, the more she tries to gain control, the more things go haywire. Also, Dylan and Caleb go on a dangerous job.

***** SPOILERS BELOW *****

Dylan lets his mother know he is leaving town for a few days, but still wants to talk about Norman’s creepy blackout when he gets back. Norma goes to check out her less-stable son. He really needs some anti-depressants or stress relievers, as he goes on about the stresses of life. The sounds of construction outside distracts Norma. Someone is digging a pit in the front yard. As she watches through the window, Norman stares at her butt…as you do.

motherSonNorma runs outside to stop the construction workers, but they tell her they are digging out a pool, via Bob Paris. Norma wants to see the plans, but they tell her to talk to Bob. Norman isn’t happy about it and tells his mother to put on clothes. Rawr!

Meanwhile, we discover that Bob has taken James Finnegan as a “prisoner.” He wants James’ help to get the flash-drive back from Norma and asks for any dirt on her he can use as leverage. Bob threatens James with veiled insults, but James persists in not saying anything. That is until Bob’s goon drives a nail through James’ foot! See, James, that is why you don’t get invovled with the Bates family! Why were you so obsessed? And you definitely shouldn’t have slept with Norma!

fatherSonOver in the plot line I don’t care about, I mean, over at the farm, Dylan preps for his big gun-running trip. Caleb shows up and doesn’t want Dylan to do it, but Dylan insists he’s doing it. He needs that money to pay for Emma’s operation. So, Caleb is going with him. Chick thinks Caleb is a bit dramatic. UM, that’s an understatement. The whole family is a big ball of histrionic drama!

Norma calls James, but he doesn’t answer, as he is getting thrown from a car looking bloodied and destroyed. She angrily yells at him via voicemail about saying something bad to Norman and she wants to know what he said. The next day, Norma still is unsure of the Pit being a pool as it is about 23 feet deep! Romero pulls up in Norma’s old car. Aw, that’s nice of him and also too far. She is absolutely giddy to see her old car back. He can’t explain why he did it and she owes him nothing. She gives him a kiss on the cheek (almost the mouth) and it is in line with all their other awkward flirty moments. Romero is very suspicious of this pit.

So, Romero goes to visit Bob, demanding that Bob not mess with Norma. Bob then lays it out for Romero: Norma has been sleeping with her therapist, James, and he also tells Romero all about Norma’s crazy night out in Portland. Then he drops a truth bomb: Norma lied about her husband’s death. Norman did it! Bob wants to work together with Romero and tells him that Norma is just using Romero to protect herself and her family.

EmmaNormAll of the construction workers have mysteriously vanished, so Norma wants Norman to fence off the pit, so no one falls in. Is this pit a symbol of something? I have a feeling it is. As Norman fences off the pit, freaking out in the process, Emma comes to check on him. He invites her out to a movie and she awkwardly has to tell him that she was there the other night and didn’t realize Norman had such issues. She says they’d be better as friends and that it felt like they were forcing it. YAS, EMMA, YAS! Finally! I’m glad she finally stopped behaving like an idiot and ended her “love” of Norman.  She tells him she will always care for him and blah blah, but Norman awkwardly almost falls over before excusing himself. He goes up into his room and sits silently for hours! His dog, Juno, comes up to comfort him and all I can think of is please don’t kill the dog!

nottheDogMeanwhile, on the Father-Son Gun Running Trip, Dylan and Caleb chat about Emma and Norman and the job. BLAH. Dylan calls Emma at a gas station and they flirt and that’s cute. Caleb hides a gun in the undercarriage of their truck. That’s going to be important later.

ickRomero comes to visit Norma and he is obviously miffed. She invites him in, but he scoffs and brings up their first meeting and how she lied to him. She doesn’t understand and he wants the truth about how her husband died. She lies. He gives her another chance. She lies again! So, he walks away and later appears to call the DEA. Probably not your best move, Norma. She sits silently on her bed before Norman approaches her. It’s dark and weird and Norman asks if she is afraid of him. He tells her what James said to him, “that he is attracted to her sexually.” Norma immediately stops him, turns on the light, and assures Norman that that is normal and not weird and okay. WHAT!? Norma, stop! She hugs him and holds him and says she loves him and that no one else will ever come between them. “This is the only thing that is real. You and me,” Norma tells her deranged son, as she coddles him in a less-than-motherly embrace. WHAT. THE. HECK. Norma you are enabling your future psycho son!

Later, Emma goes to the farm and drops off flowers and cookies for Dylan. She runs into Gunnar, who is clueless, but Emma tries to play it off like she doesn’t like Dylan. Can she just calm it down with her obsessive love? A ways away, Dylan and Caleb arrive at their drop spot: a phone booth. No one is there. They get a call. The man on the phone is not happy about Chick not being there, but tells them where to go. They go there and a bunch of men pull guns on them and tell them to get on their knees. They have no money cause they were gonna kill Chick, so instead they’ll kill Dylan. But Caleb grabs the gun he hid earlier and they escape after a gun fight. Weren’t you glad you saw this unrelated subplot?

Back in White Pine Bay, James is trying to hightail it out of town, but Norma shows up just in time to confront him. She is shocked to see him bloodied up. He tells her he almost got killed, but he told them everything about her and Norman. He tells Norma to never contact her again. KTHX BAI.

Norma rushes home to find Norman working on an owl. She is stressed and mad, telling Norman she did something bad by telling James everything, including the truth about Norman’s father’s death. She yells at Norman about his blackouts and how he is gonna kill her. This stuns Norman, who can’t believe she said that. Quite a turn from the night before, eh? She apologizes quickly and tells him to stay inside while she goes and makes everything alright. Too late for Norman though, he looks demented.

NORMAAfter Norma leaves, Norman has a vision of a sexily dressed Norma, telling him she’s got it all handled. He tells her to get away, rushing out of the house. Mother’s voice won’t leave though and she appears in the window saying he can’t run away from her. Well, the dog, Juno, does run away and Norman chases after him… or does he? He runs for a long time down the streets before he comes across a brunette girl standing in front of a car. Who is that? It’s BRADLEY! She hath returned. Or is she just a vision? Will have to wait til next week to find out.

Aside from the dredging awful Caleb-Dylan-Gun subplot, the episode was great. Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore continue to give amazing performances that really encapsulate the creepy craziness of the show. Everything is falling apart terribly and watching Norma trying to fix it is fascinating. She doesn’t realize she is causing more damage than good, making the “pit” bigger than ever. The season is wrapping up soon, with only two more episodes left. I have a feeling lots of bad things are surely going to happen! Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!

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