Tonight is the penultimate episode of Gotham’s first season! One episode left! Anything can and, hopefully, will happen! I’m predicting a major character death for the season finale. Last week, the Riddler was born, Bruce and Selina did some sleuthing, and Jim was stressing out about this pesky serial killer called the Ogre (Milo Ventimiglia). Tonight, we follow up on all of these developments.

***** SPOILERS BELOW ******

Barbara joined Jason/The Ogre in his lair the night before and seemed a bit pleased, perhaps? It’s hard to read her. Well, it’s the next morning and they obviously had a good time. However, we all know how hard it is for Jason/The Ogre to let the girls leave the next day. Barb tries to leave, but he continues to refuse over and over again, saying he sees the “real” Barbara and when she does tries to escape, he recaptures her!

Meanwhile, at the GCPD, Jim is stressing over Barbara’s disappearance. Lee tries to get him to calm down and maybe have a nap. Jim isn’t going to rest until he finds Barbara. Harvey brings in a street thug named Jake, who apparently has seen the Ogre. A quick interrogation proves that Jake won’t help without a little bribing, Jim goes “Bad Cop” and gets the answers out of him. Apparently, Jason/The Ogre is a frequenter of a brothel called the Foxglove. The only one who knows where it might be is Oswald Cobblepot! Jim is going to ask him for help, yet Harvey is weary of that (and rightly so!).

loversMeanwhile, Jason/The Ogre continues to “torture” Barbara, tying her up in his “Fifty Shades of Grey” chamber. She spits in his face and slaps him and generally refutes everything he says, saying Jim will find her. At the mention of Jim, he slaps her! He says he loves her (what!) and then shows her all his past victims, which makes her faint. So, generally a good time was had.

Butch, Oswald’s main lackey, visits Lidia’s bar, where the planned assassination of Maroni is supposed to take place. He plants various guns around the bar and reports back to Oswald, who is very pleased about it all. Jim pays Oswald a visit, asking about the Foxglove. Oswald acts coy and wants another favor in return from Jim. Jim, as Jim does, gets angry and grabs Oswald, screaming about his capabilities and yadda, yadda. Oswald relents, but wants a big favor back! That’s a tricky game you are playing, Jim!

Jim gets the invite and gives it to Harvey, who mumbles something about Italian suits. At the Foxglove brothel, Harvey galavants around looking just like Harvey, but with slicked back hair. This place is WEIRD. There is all sorts of leather, pleather, whips, odd costumes, and more. A stage show starts and we hear the sounds of an electric drill and whips. Harvey can’t control himself anymore, shouting out that he is GCPD and telling everyone to stop. Way to blow your cover.

huhJim shows up at the Foxglove, as well as the rest of the GCPD. He asks the owner about Jason/The Ogre, but she won’t budge until he threatens to expose everyone. She leads them to another girl, Sally, the hostess. She takes off her mask to reveal terrible facial scars. She recognizes the sketch. His name is Jason and he did this to her 9 years ago! She also gives them clues to where his apartment might be. Oh, and she wants Jim to kill him if he finds him. Great!

localGirlsSpeaking of Jason/The Ogre, he wakes up a whimpering/crying Barbara and holds her, asking her who she wants him to kill. She can’t answer… until he pulls a knife on her, saying he loves her and sees her “truth.” He is INSANE. She still hesitates, but he keeps insisting and she saysa name…

Meanwhile, Oswald meets with Connor, the man who is going to kill Maroni for him, and all seems good. Connor and his friend arrive at Lidia’s bar and are greeted by Maroni. Once inside, Connor grabs a gun and tries to shoot Maroni, but the gun jams! Connor’s friend is killed and Maroni is pissed! It was a setup for Connor and now Maroni wants revenge on Falcone, who he thinks did this. Connor will be the first victim of this new war. Butch relays the news to Oswald later and Oswald seems pleased. He did this to start a war between Falcone and Maroni! He was tired of being under Falcone’s thumb. That tricksy Penguin!

Jim and Harvey easily find Jason/The Ogre’s apartment, but no one is there. They discover his torture room before receiving a call from The Ogre himself. He taunts Jim, saying Barbara doesn’t need his protection. Upon hearing this call, Jim and Harvey are able to impossibly deduce that they are heading for Barbara’s parents house. I mean, c’mon, that is ridiculous, but I guess they are just really good listeners/cops.

yikesAt Barbara’s parent’s house mansion, The Ogre and Barbara stand in front of her cowering parents. They are awful people, but this is an awful sitch. Once Jim and Harvey arrive (in record time), Jim finds the Keans both dead. Barbara enters the room, looking bloody and confused. Meanwhile, the Ogre sneaks up on Harv and knocks him over the stairs before attacking Jim and getting into a knife fight. He ends up grabbing Barbara, holding his knife to her neck. Barbara tells Jim to leave “them” alone, which is odd. Luckily, Harvey appears and distracts the Ogre, letting Jim shooting him dead in the head. The knife scrapes Barbara’s neck, but she’ll be okay. She is obviously terrified beyond reason. Jim assures her it will be okay…

barbKnifeEveryone at GCPD claps for Jim upon his return. I guess they love him now. He apologizes to Lee for his tough man act, but she apologizes too because she loves him for his “sense of mission.” They both profess their love for each other. Aw.

What is not “aw” is that Maroni delivers Connors head to Falcone and then, with his goons, decides to take to the city streets to start a shooting war, gunning down Falcone’s controlled areas. Captain Essen gets a call and tells everyone at GCPD that they can’t take off, because a war has started and it’s bad, people! Meanwhile, Oswald laughs it up. That tricksy Penguin!

NOW, the two subplots involve Ed Ngyma and young Bruce. Let’s start with Ed. After going a bit “mad” last week and killing Officer Dougherty, he needs to get rid of the evidence (the body). He brings it into GCPD in two large cases, muttering “no body, no crime.” He works on getting rid of the body, but is interrupted by Kristen Kringle, who needs a case file. She sees some of the body parts and is grossed out and asks about Dougherty, but Ed lies. Later, he talks to Dougherty’s skull and then smashes it over and over again with a hammer. Wonderful. Finally, Kristen receives a note “from Dougherty” that says he left town. She is angered by it, but Ed makes a quip about reading between the lines, and we see the note spells out “NYGMA” down each first line. What a hoot this budding Riddler is.

bruceyYoung Bruce is dealing with a dilemma of his own. Firstly, he continues to lie to Alfred about Reggie’s death. For some reason, Alfred is upset that the man who stabbed him is dead. Bruce receives the stolen safe key from Selina and escapes from a tour group whilst at Wayne Enterprises. He sneaks into Bunderslaw’s office and opens the cool looking safe to find nothing. And then Bunderslaw walks in!


Aside from offering Bruce a cookie, Bunderslaw talks about Bruce’s father and how he wanted justice too, but eventually changed his mind and got on board with all the criminal activities. Bruce can’t believe it. The meeting is interrupted by a young entrepreneur, Lucius Fox(!), who secretly tells Bruce that his father was a good man and kept his best self hidden. Ooh!

youngBruceWayneBack at Wayne Manor, Bruce drops some major truth bombs to Alfred about Reggie’s death and what has been going on. He then cuts a picture of his father and himself in half and adds it to his wall of “crazy conspiracies.” Maybe he is one step closer to finding what he is looking for…

Only one episode left! It’s hard to believe how far we have come! I enjoyed this episode. It was fast paced and tied up some loose ends. Penguin came back alive this week and it was nice to see Bruce discover more about his father. Plus, that appearance by Lucius. Not sure what is happening with Barbara, but glad the Ogre storyline is done. This mob shooting war is not looking good. And where is Fish? I’m sure she’ll drop in next week. It’s sure to be an exciting one!

What did you guys think of this episode and are you excited for the finale? Let me know in the comments below!

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