Starting where we left off on the revelations from last week, “The Trap” centered on proving Dr. Wells killed Barry’s Mother.  Unfortunately, Eobard Thawne is at least one step ahead of Barry and the rest of Team Flash.

 ***** SPOILER ALERT *****

Flash 1.20- The Trap barry-future-newspaper“The Trap” begins right where last’s week’s bombshell left us. Barry, Caitlin and Cisco are in the Time Vault (what Team Flash is now calling Eobard Thawne’s secret lair). Because I love chronological storylines (thank you Babylon 5), the opening scene between Barry and Gideon was priceless. The article itself dropped several spoilers, most importantly that the article was written by Iris West-Allen. Combine this with the AI, Gideon, created by Barry Allen who is a founding member of…

Tag on Cisco’s viewers point of view mixed with his brilliance along with Caitlin’s skepticism and the first ten minutes was a ride. I honestly had my awesomeness need filled for The Flash early in the episode and it only got better.

Flash S1 Trap Barry CiscoSpeaking of a ride, I have to say Grant Gustin killed it last night. This was one of the most emotional episodes for Barry Allen, and Grant took me with him every step from anger over Eobard killing his mother along with his guilt of believing it was his fault that his mother died. We even got to see the struggle of Barry finding himself appreciating, even liking, Wells in the moment during the Flash save.

Tom Cavanaugh also presented another amazing performance. The Flash has easily tapped into the bad guy making the hero better, but I can’t think of the last time we have seen, temporally, the bad guy create and mentor the hero in order to kill him, at the right time chronologically. Normally I don’t talk too much about flashbacks, but to be part of Cavanaugh’s conversation as Thawne watches Barry comatose at S.T.A.R. Labs, knowing he could kill him at any time, wishing the Flash had been that vulnerable to him so many times before. Best flashback this season on The Flash.

Another lesser story on the back burner now is Eddie and Iris’ relationship which to Eddie’s credit he tried to take to the next step this week. After everything that had happened to him, Eddie planned to marry Iris. I thought it was very classy that he wanted Joe’s blessing and, at first, I was a little surprised when he didn’t get it, very clearly. But Joe told Barry that one day Iris is going to realize that she loves him. And that he didn’t want his daughter to realize this after she married the wrong man, and would remain in the wrong marriage out of obligation instead of love.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I can so easily relate to Joe West. I get his motivation, the love of his family, and his being protective (sometimes over protective) of them. He is also one of few people on The Flash who isn’t super intelligent, instead he has a wisdom about him. I have heard that Wells is the Merlin to Barry’s King Arthur. No, I say that privilege goes to Detective Joe West.

Moving back into it, Team Flash wanted to not only capture the Reverse Flash, but get him to admit in killing Barry’s Mom to release his Dad. You could see Barry’s focus this week, that after years following this dream, the end was near. Maybe his Dad might be freed, and the real murderer be brought to justice.

the-flash-the-trap-trailer-breakdown-thawne-vs-team-flash-timelines-converge-huge-tw-369911As usual with The Flash, the story takes a turn here for some genius invention or side tour. I admit I loved the way they created a way for Cisco to be part of his dream while interacting with Barry.   All of this leads to what Team Flash was hoping is the capture of whoever this “Harrison Wells” is.

One of the interesting side tours this week is a conversation between Barry and Iris. She wanted to talk with him about how all the metahumans can be connected back to the explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs. She figured out most of the entire season of heroes and villains, with the exception of Barry being the Flash. Barry does an awkward job of playing devil’s advocate. I am wondering if his lie to Iris is going to bite him in the weeks to come?

The Flash -- "The Trap" -- Image FLA120B_0445 -- Pictured (L-R): Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon and Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells -- Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW -- �© 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

The Flash — “The Trap” — Image FLA120B_0445 — Pictured (L-R): Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon and Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells — Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW — Ã?© 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Again, I will have to say a good hero is only as good as his nemesis. Tonight Eobard Thawne proved to be that adversary.  He allows Team Flash’s trap to be played out, watching from afar. Eobard allows Hannibal Bates to portray him, knowing that he had been found out. Again, Eobard demonstrating that no matter how fast the Flash is, no matter how prepared Team Flash is, he would be even more so. I believe the rest of the season is going to be the Reverse Flash showing his superiority over Team Flash. At this point Eobard only sees them as a means to his end, not really any kind of threat.

Two more revelations this week were that after the Reverse Flash kidnaps Eddie, he reveals himself to be a future relative to Eddie. It is the last we see of Eobard and Eddie for the episode. Interesting enough Eddie was kidnapped by the Reverse Flash as he was about to ask Iris to marry him. I believe Eobard was coming there to kill Iris, but Barry was on his way to save her, and he took Eddie instead. The Flash promised Iris he would not only find Eddie, but he would bring him back to her. When the Flash left and she reached for him, Iris felt the same spark on her fingers she felt holding Barry’s hand while he was hospitalized. Iris knows that Barry Allen is the Flash.

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