iZombie 1.18- Maternity Liv3Momma zombie. This week to solve a murder, Liv eats the brains of a young woman who was pregnant when she died, though they were able to save the baby. As a result, Liv is doing motherly things, like straightening Ravi’s hair, fixing Clive’s tie, or licks her finger to clean a smudge from her brother’s face.

With these personality changes going on, it was nice to see how she bonded more with her mother. She even seem to get along with Clive a lot better. In most episodes, she’s rather overbearing with Clive and seems to always try to push him to investigate her visions. Her better interactions with Clive made them siZombie 1.18- Maternity Liv2eem like more of a crime-fighting duo. Even so, her maternal behavior did not seem to help her actually find the girl’s killer or the other two girls that were locked up.

The story seem to unfold with using information from her visions and getting information from the estranged ex-boyfriend/father of the child. I was really confused when one of Liv’s visions showed a man standing in front of wooden slats lighting a cigarette.  We later find out that this was the tree house when the bad guys were holding kidnapped girls, but in no shot of the treehouse did a see a place for a guy to stand to light a cigarette.  I wonder if it ended up on the cutting room floor, but if left me with a non-sequitur sort of feeling when it was all over.  I also hope that the personality changes are not just going to be used to do character development while the visions are for the crime-fighting part. I think that will get old real quick.

To give us comic relief from the kidnapping/murder story,  we see that Lowell, who has consumed the brain of a rather smart scientist (and geeks out with Ravi on mice experiments), also finds that he’s temporarily not interested in Liv because the scientist was gay. This was somewhat amusing as Liv aiZombie 1.06- Maternity Livnd Lowell then settled on having a “girls night” date with talking, drinking and dancing all night. Interestingly, though, Lowell said that he would be “gay” until he ate another brain. Up until now, I thought that the effects of eating the brains wore off automatically, so that sheds some light into how long the brain effects might last in future stories.

Some other sprinkled in scenes with Major just didn’t seem interesting this week with him going after the guy that beat him up and getting Clive in trouble by talking to the reporter.  Liv’s inner monologue and reflections on motherhood were dry too and just seemed to be a bunch of voiceover shots while she stared at a baby through the window.

iZombie 1.18- Maternity Liv1The most interesting thing is that after the zombie lieutenant gets shot, he doesn’t seem to bleed much. He also notices that Liv got shot and she isn’t bleeding much. If the lieutenant is “in the know” about Liv, it might make for less animosity between the lieutenant and Clive since Clive works with Liv, but then wouldn’t you think the show would be better with a two-zombie crime fighting duo instead of the zombie and a human?  It could be a story with just the lieutenant and Liv. Then Liv could go “full on rage zombie” anytime she wanted.

Unfortunately, all in all. not a very compelling story this week. We get set up a little for the ensuing Blaine/Liv showdown, since her brother may apply at the charcuterie, a little romantic comedy with Liv and Blaine, and, just like in previous eps, everyone seems to be figuring out that Liv’s a zombie while she stays clueless.  Hope things get better.

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