This week’s episode was the last episode before the fourth season finale of Once Upon A Time, so as you can guess, some pretty big things were put into motion.  Will the Author help Rumple in his quest to give the villains their happy endings?


The episode begins with the Evil Queen in action, crushing the heart of an innocent man on his wedding day after her father pissed her off by bringing up that it’s the anniversary of Daniel’s death.  She goes to visit his grave, and it appears Regina isn’t the first person to visit him that day.  There is already a rose laying on his grave, brought by none other than Regina’s even more evil mother, Cora (Barbara Hershey)!  Wasn’t sad when Cora bit the dust, but it was kind of nice seeing her back in a flashback!  Cora claims she’s there to help Regina and make up for what she did.  Doubt it!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.23.10 AMBack in present day, Robin and Regina get a drink and he says that there is still hope for them.  Are you kidding me?!  I am so over Robin.  Anyways, on that note, Regina decides it’s time to bring everyone back to Storybrooke, including Zelena. She leaves her in the same cell she kept Belle in all those years under the hospital and seals it with magic. Then she goes to Rumple and takes the Author and his quill while Rumple basically collapses on the ground with heart problems.

Emma is still mad at her parents and avoiding them, and Hook tells her at the docks that she needs to think about forgiving them.  Regina apparently has figured out that because Lily took half of Emma’s darkness, she can use Lily’s blood to obtain some of that to use as ink for the quill.  She slices Lily’s hand to obtain the blood after Lily isn’t being too cooperative and leaves the rest of the town to deal with dragon Lily on a rampage.

Once Upon A Time - Episode 4.20 - Mother - Promotional PhotosIn a another flashback, we see more Regina and Cora interaction.  Cora says she went to find Robin, Regina’s “soulmate”, for her because she wants her to be happy.  Regina seems to be willing to give her a chance, but it turns out Cora is up to her old tricks and brought in the Sheriff of Nottingham (Will Traval) instead to pretend to be the soulmate and knock Regina up.  Regina figures out that her mother just wanted to use her for her power again, and to spite her mother takes a potion that makes it impossible for her to have children.  Yikes.

Dragon-Lily throws Snow and knocks her against a rock before storming off.  Emma comes to the scene with Hook and forgives her parents and they hug it out.  Lily and Maleficent also have a heart to heart, once Lily is back to human form.  It seems like ragey Lily might be a thing of the past.

-once-upon-a-time--eMeanwhile, Regina is visiting Zelena telling her that she is going to have the Author re-write the story as if Zelena never existed.  People won’t hate her for killing Zelena because they won’t remember her at all.  Zelena actually looks shaken for once, though, and says Regina is like Cora.  This seems to change Regina’s mind about the situation and she tells the Author not to do anything.  The Author then escapes to go help Rumple and get started on this Dark Once Upon A Time version of the story, where villains get their happy endings.

What will happen next week in the finale?  What did you think of the episode?  Comment below!

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