Only one episode left until the season three finale of Bates Motel and things are nothing but “Crazy.” This week, Norma makes it her mission to find the flash drive, Dylan returns from the failed gun run, and Norman helps out an old friend.

***** SPOILERS BELOW *****

Bradley is indeed back- boo! She explains that her life on the road has been hell and she wants to come home and not be “dead” anymore. That’s not how it works, Bradley. Norman, who has always had a soft spot for her, is gonna help her.

Norma pays a visit to her enemy, Bob Harris. She tells him she is going to give him the flash drive and just wants him not to mention the whole “Norman killed my husband” thing. Bob tells Norma she doesn’t get to call the shots and calls Norma more a bad guy than himself. He also makes light of her “wrapping Romero around her finger.”

At the farm, Caleb is pissed about almost getting killed. He barges in on Chick and beats him to a pulp after Chick denies sending them to die and asking for his guns/money back. Caleb takes the money and threatens Chick with death if he ever gets near Dylan again. Yowch. Y’know, I wouldn’t mind if this storyline ended with that.

At the Motel, Emma is working late (again). Where are the other employees? How is this sick girl running a motel all by herself? She’s gotta get outta there. Dylan arrives and stares at the pit. They have small talk and she asks if she can help with his money issues. Girl, if only you knew…

bradleyBOONorman helps hide Bradley’s car and then brings her to a room in the motel, giving her a plate of food. She wants to tell her mom she is alive and thinks Norman can ease her into it better than she can because Norman is all “innocent” looking. Indeed.

Norma goes to confront Romero at the police station, barging in and yelling that he is acting like a fifth-grade girl (which he is). Romero is very butt-hurt about the whole situation. She wants the flash drive, but he’s not going to give it to her. He’s taking care of it himself and wants her to leave. Their relationship has taken quite a downward spiral, if only Norma would tell him the truth and stop trying to spin a web of lies.

Caleb, looking bloody and gross, gives Dylan the money he took from Chick and tells him to stay at Norma’s place. Dylan is worried Caleb killed Chick, but Caleb just says he roughed him up and is gonna leave town for a while. See ya, Caleb!

At the motel, Norma is frenetically cleaning up Norman’s basement playhouse of horrors. He is NOT happy about that, yelling at her to stop. The reason she is doing this is because she is afraid if Sam’s case is reopened and they will investigate more into Norman. So, if they find all these dead animals and such, they will obviously get suspicious. Norman grabs a set of knives and calls Norma out on all her crazy behavior (sleeping with a therapist, etc.) and says maybe she killed his father. Norma looks scared, but stops him, telling him to go and stay in his room.

NormieNorman does NOT stay in his room. He goes out with Bradley to stake out her house. She sees her mom leave with another man, lamenting the fact that she has moved on. Then, they break into her house and she discovers her room has been changed into a workout room. That seems to finally wake her up to that fact that things are different and people have moved on. That’s what happens when you fake your death! Poor Bradley, but get a reality check. I don’t even remember why she left town in the first place? Anybody?

It appears Romero did indeed turn the flash drive over to the DEA. Special Agent Liz Babbitt arrives and questions him about it. She brings up his mother’s name being on the ledger and Romero explains it away. Babbitt looks doubtful. She also brings up Romero’s election as sheriff after his father was convicted for his various crimes. She finds that odd, but Romero shrugs it off.

EmmaRoomDylan visits Emma’s dad and gives him the money, $50,000 buckaroos! Dang, son. He hopes that helps Emma’s chances, but makes her dad promise not tell Emma that Dylan is behind it. Then, he goes to visit Emma in her room. He tells her about Caleb leaving town and she reveals she knows about his true parentage and that she doesn’t care. Aw. They almost kiss, I think, but then Dylan leaves.

Bradley doesn’t know what she is going to do now that she has no home. She doesn’t want to be alone. Unfortunately for her, Norman has to go back to “mother” because there is something wrong with him.

Romero arrives home to find that Norma has broken in and ransacked his house looking for the flash drive. They both express hatred for one another before Romero reveals he already gave the flash drive to the DEA. Norma can’t believe it! They get into a struggle and he demands the truth as he holds her against the wall. She cries out that she did it. She killed her abusive husband, but he doesn’t believe her. She doesn’t want to say it. She cries and then starts slapping him over and over. He pins her back up against the wall and they almost start kissing or something. It is very odd. They are odd. The sexual chemistry/rage between them is at an all time high. She pushes him off her and leaves. WHAT!? They both wanted that kiss…

brosisNorma returns home a mess. She starts filling in the pit with dirt and screaming out to no one in particular that she will get them. Caleb shows up with some stuff from Dylan and tells her about a night when Norman came to visit him and pretended to be her. He thinks something is wrong with Norman and he doesn’t want Norman to hurt her. She still seems to be in denial about it. ACCEPT IT ALREADY, NORMA!

Norman sneaks clothes to Bradley in the motel. She is in her underwear for some reason? She wants Norman to come with her when she leaves tomorrow, but Norman can’t because of his “neurological” disorder. She reminisces about when he came to her in the past and confessed his love for her. She really appreciated that and soon the two are kissing on the bed. Norman takes off his shirt and things are getting real… but then…. mother’s voice fills the air. “She” watches and Norman freaks out.

He stops himself and pulls away, but Bradley calls back to him. Outside the room, Norman runs into “mother” who is coy and playful. She says she saw what he was doing in the room and expresses disgust for Bradley. She doesn’t want more trouble. Let’s go up to the house. And so, Norman and “mother” stroll up the house, but really, it’s just Norman by himself. Creeeeepy!

notthePITOnly one more episode left this season and I have a feeling big, bad things are going to happen! Vera and Freddie continue to give superb performances! So believable and creepy and insane and funny. Ahh! What is the deal with Norma and Romero? The sexual chemistry is at an all time high! Is Bradley in danger? So many questions that will hopefully be answered in satisfying ways next week. Until then, stay away from White Pine Bay…

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