Last we left off finding out that the Castor boys and Leda girl clones are all siblings.  How will the clones handle this?  Helena breaks free tonight and her reaction is sure to entertain!


Mark has just been shot by crazy Prolethean Bonnie, Gracie’s mom, and Sarah is partially in shock and trying to make sure she isn’t the next to wind up dead.  Sarah makes a run for it and gets a hold of Mark’s gun before she runs off into the cornfields to hide.  Sarah stumbles upon Mark who actually isn’t dead yet, and she helps him up before they both get caught by the Proletheans.

Orphan-Black-Newer-Elements-of-our-Defense-Season-3-Episode-4-11Helena’s captors, for some reason, decided it was good to give her a pork chop, which she immediately figures out can be used as a weapon.  She slams herself into the bars of her cell to get her guards attention and they end up sedating her and taking her to the medical wing.  Looks like her plan to escape is gaining some traction.  Meanwhile, Donnie and Alison are freaking out about possibly getting caught with their new “business dealings” aka drugs.

Helena gets out of the medical area and scopes out the prison yard to see what awaits her on the outside, in case she tries to escape.  Sarah ends up, squeamishly, digging the bullet out of Mark’s leg for him; I can’t help but think Cosima would be all about that and not bothered at all.  Alison can’t catch a break either; a drug dealer shows up saying the drugs weren’t Ramon’s to sell and they need to meet up later to discuss how this is all going to work out.

Felix encourages Cosima to end her “pining” over Delphine and come with him to the bar.  Gracie is back at home and bleeding, possibly having a miscarriage.  Can’t say I’d be sad to see that happen.  Helena appears to be sharpening her pork bone with her teeth; I guess that’s one way to kill time.  Donnie and Alison are meeting the drug dealer that showed up at their house earlier and apparently he only wants to talk to Alison.  The mystery drug dealer ends up being Jason Kellerman (Justin Chatwin), an ex boyfriend of Alison’s from high school.  They chat a bit and work things out; Alison gets her drugs back.

ORPHAN BLACK EPISODE 4 SEASON 3 NEWER ELEMENTS DEFENSE SPOILER PREVIEW ALLISON TATIANA SARAHFelix decides it’s a good idea to set Cosima up on “Sapphire,” basically the Orphan Black Tinder.  Sarah goes to Mark’s hotel while he is passed out and comes across some files Mark got a hold of.  Cosima determines these documents tell them that Henrik Johannsen experimented and somehow made an exact clone of the Castor original, so they need to look for that person to get the DNA of the original.

Gracie officially loses the baby and her mom basically says she’s no longer welcome and kicks her out.  Before Sarah can get out of the hotel, Mark shows up and surprises her.  Sarah asks him if he ever mentioned a son, then they head out where Henrik and Bonnie used to live.  Apparently the son aka Castor original clone died, so Mark says they need to dig up the baby to get its DNA.

Untitled-1I was sure Helena was going to go nuts on someone with that pork bone, but first she uses it to unlock the door on her cell.  Helena heads to the area where one of the Castor clones is being held.  The clone is being experimented on or something because the top of his head is cut off.  In a pretty sad moment, he asks her to kill him.  She says she will help him and something about no more pain, then proceeds to stab him through the brain.  She is such a bad ass!

Sarah finds the baby’s coffin, but before she and Mark can do anything with it, Rudy shows up.  Sarah pistol-whips Rudy and runs off, but he comes after her.  Right as Rudy is about to kill Sarah, Mark shows up and gives Rudy a direct order to let her go.  He lets her go and they hug it out, Rudy says they can’t leave any loose ends and Mark agrees, while walking towards Sarah.

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