This week Liv investigates the murder of a female radio broadcaster who is a relationship and sex expert. Sounds like the makings of a great episode, but again this week, there’s not much excitement to report.

iZombie108livcliveI’m noticing a disappointing trend with the episodes. We know that each time Liv eats a brain to help with a murder investigation and also to sustain her zombie habit, she gets both memory flashes and personality traits. The memory flashes always seem to help with the murder investigation and the personality traits just seem to play a role in her personal life. Rarely do they seem to come together or complement each other. Through narration, Liv tends to let us, the audience, about everything she is learning from her feelings and how it enriches her life, but rarely does that help her solve the case. There’s almost two separate stories going on. It would be nice if they merged.

iZombie108livthinksEach week we do get more insight into the zombie world though. Liv tells us, again through narration, that she is back to having sex with her new beau Lowell. But also admits that zombies cannot have babies. So, no zombie babies, or even probably human babies being born from zombies, but who knows. Liv seems to be the only clueless zombie out there. Both Blaine and Lowell seem to have a great handle on all of it. She’s also the only zombie who is not using artificial tanning means and genuinely seems surprised with each of her personality overlays.  At the end of the ep, when she realizes that Lowell is not getting his brains from a funeral home like he said, I hope she’s starting to catch on.

iZombie108livbedWe all know that zombies eat brains and two weeks ago, Liv had to choke down the brains of a man who had been deceased for a week. This time, the deceased was electrocuted. I think the writers missed an opportunity to have Liv either have to deal with liquefied brains or possible get an electric shock from residual electricity. Would be interesting for Liv to have to deal with brains in different states depending on the demise of the victim.

There were some interesting advancements to other story lines though. I expected Clive’s lieutenant to have a business relationship with Blaine, but wasn’t expecting it to be so extortion heavy. Maybe the lieutenant will be nicer to Clive since he’s working with Liv and the lieutenant knows Liv is a zombie. So the jury is still out on whether he is good guy or bad guy. I also didn’t expect Ravi to get bitten by a zombie mouse. I am wondering if zombie-ism stays with each species or if a mouse zombie can make Ravi a human zombie. It is comical, though, that Ravi proved one of the ingredients in the onset of zombie-ism is the Max Rager energy drink.

iZombie108MajorAnd last and, probably, least on the things we’re concerned about is Major’s investigation bringing him closer to figuring things out and buying guns on the black market. It’s really not advancing the big story or bringing us closer to the inevitable Liv/Blaine confrontation. I just kinda feel sorry for him. Curiosity killed the cat, and curiosity has lost Major his job counseling wayward teens.

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