The season long build up has finally paid off in the super creepy, super intense Season Finale of Bates Motel. Season Three has been the best yet, with it’s focus more on family, madness, and what someone would do for the ones they love. Also, less random drug town storyline, which never fit in with the essence of Bates Motel. We’ve seen Norma and Norman at the lowest of lows and it has been truly captivating. Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore have continued to show what great actors they are. The finale does not disappoint. Prepare yourself for a bumpy ride. Let’s get to it!


Dylan discovers his father/uncle, Caleb, has left town and gave back some of Dylan’s things. He is NOT happy about it. Norma tells him that people are generally disappointing and he better get used to it. She also tells him she is going to visit a place called Pineview, which is a place for people with mental issues. I love how close Dylan and Norma have gotten this season. It’s good to see some “normal” mother/son love.

healthyDylan leaves an angry message for his father/uncle after we see a nice little shot of Caleb packing up his van and leaving. Where is Chick? If only Dylan knew the truth. Meanwhile, Romero watches on as Special Agent Liz Babbitt prepares her DEA team for a raid on Bob Paris’ house. Emma’s dad receives a call from a Portland hospital. Emma is in line for a new pair of lungs. It’s a miracle – a gun-running, almost dying miracle! Emma seems in disbelief or denial. She isn’t looking too happy about it.

Norma arrives at Pineview. It’s one of those “rehab” places for the really wealthy. Norma obviously doesn’t fit in. It’s super fancy and uptight. Norma tries to ask how much it costs, but the woman keeps dodging the question. Little does she know that Norma is persistent and keeps asking. She soon reveals the cost is between $20-40,000/month. That is cray! Can Norma afford this? How much is Norman’s mental health worth?

Speaking of Norman, he goes to bring Bradley some breakfast after their awkward night but, she is gone, GIRL. She is busy robbing/looting/breaking everything in sight in her mother’s house. She clearly has some issues she needs to work out, but we all knew this already, y’know, since she faked her suicide and generally caused a lot of trouble for everyone around her.

Emma, the polar opposite of Bradley, seems to still be stewing in her thoughts about this lung transplant. She sits in silence in her room before walking out of her house. Dylan gets a call from Emma’s dad. He tells Dylan about the great lung transplant news, but seems to be missing a daughter! He can’t find Emma. Dylan knows where she probably is…

Dylan finds Emma staring off into the distance at the lake by the cabin. She is freaking out about this lung transplant because she is scared her body will reject it and all these other bad things. She’d rather live in denial and play it safe. Dylan starts complimenting her, calling her a warrior and saying other nice things. Aw! They KISS! Finally! Yay! And with that kiss, Emma decides to go through with the surgery.

bradleyGoBradley is back at the motel with her stolen loot. She thinks she and Norman can get a lot of cash off of it and they should sneak out after Norman’s mom is asleep. Norman’s eyes bulge and he looks very uncomfortable. He can’t leave her, despite Bradley’s pleas. Norma arrives home and Norman chases her up to the house.

concernedNorma wants to sit down and talk with Norman. She lays it all out – Norman needs help, from real doctors. Norman is not having it, pissed that she would suggest it, but Norma says she is too scared not to. She talks about Pineview, but this is no easy conversation to have with anyone who is mentally ill.

confrontLater that night, Romero pays Norma a visit. He tells her he is not going to apologize for what he did, but then he starts apologizing for not protecting her. Norma admits the truth finally, saying she is just so scared for her “broken son.” She breaks down crying about Norman and Bob Paris, but then comes to the realization they are all doomed anyway. What is Romero up to? He still has some “thing” for Norma… Hmm.

The raid on Bob Paris’ house is imminent, but Romero gives Bob a secret call to warn him about it, so he can escape. But why? Because Romero has other plans for Bob. Bob sneaks onto his boat, but is surprised to find Romero there. Romero threatens Bob, but Bob says he is changing his name and gonna become a new person. Romero doesn’t believe him and still knows he killed those two girls (I forgot about them!). Bob then compares Romero to his dad, saying he is becoming just like him. That apparently sets Romero off and he shoots Bob, multiple times! WOW! Bob is like dead, so DEAD.

romeroFiMeanwhile, Norma checks on Norman to find him acting suspiciously. He denies it at first, but then tells her he is leaving and starts packing in a fit of rage. He tells her that they aren’t good together and he is leaving with Bradley Martin. Norma, who believes Bradley is dead, thinks Norman has really lost it. A struggle results in Norma tumbling down the stairs. She recovers in time to knock Norman out by hitting him atop the head. She drags his body to the basement where she ties him up and locks the door. This is just another typical night at the Bates Motel!

Norma frantically calls Dylan, who arrives in minutes(?). They go into the basement to discover the Norman has escaped! Dylan tells Norma that Bradley isn’t dead and that Norman COULD actually be running away with her. They must find Norman now!

Norman is rendezvousing with Bradley in the woods. She is so happy that he decided to come with her and escaped his mother. Except, he didn’t. Because “mother” is sitting in the backseat. Norman starts arguing with “mother” and this freaks Bradley out. Norman forces Bradley to pull over, saying “mother” wants to talk to her. And then… Norman becomes “mother.” “She” rushes out of the car, forces Bradley out, and chases her through the woods. “Mother” eventually catches Bradley and bangs the life out of her head on the rocky ground below. And thus, “mother” has killed again. This scene was amazingly creepy and scary and awesome!

surveyingCrimeNorman can’t believe what his “mother” has done. He brings Bradley’s car to the dock and apologizes on his mother’s behalf to her body in the trunk. Then he pushes the car off into the water (a fun nod to the movie, Psycho). As the car sinks into oblivion, “Mother” reassures Norman that Bradley was a mess and no one can ever come between them. They belong together. ALWAYS. CREEEEPY. And to make it even better, the super upbeat song, “Be my Baby” starts playing… The Psycho has been born!

What a great, satisfying finale! What did you guys think? Let me know in the comments below. It was great to finally see the “evil mother” in action. I thought the whole season built up perfectly to this moment. I expect next season is going to be even better, as they come toward their end game. I must applaud all of the actors, particularly Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore, for amazing performances this season. Emmy nods, anyone? This season was fun, quirky, creepy, and intense. There were hardly any extraneous story plots (drug town, pssh) and the show really is building towards a satisfying conclusion. Hope to see the show back next year!

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