Comic-Con logoThis year’s San Diego Comic-Con is less than two months away, and a slip of the tongue may be good news to fans of Doctor Who.

The Unofficial Comic-Con Blog  just had an interview with PJ Haarsma, one of the producers of Alan Tudyk’s upcoming web series, Con Man. He’ll be holding a panel during Comic-Con and Nerd HQ, and said this during a chat on the “Hang w/” website:

Question:  More about Comic-Con and Nerd HQ, please?

Haarsma: Okay, panel is Thursday the 9th, I think it’s at 3:45. It’s right between Doctor Who and Marvel, and then we’ll be doing press in the morning, and then after hopefully there will be a party somewhere and we’ll announce it, and then Friday Alan’s going to be hosting Nerd HQ and we’ll be doing a Con Man panel at Nerd HQ and then partying there Friday night.

Fans remember BBC America didn’t have a Doctor Who panel at Comic-Con last year, mainly due to Steven Moffat being upset that things from the 50th anniversary panel were leaked to social media. It’s also uncertain what BBC America has planned, aside from Orphan Black, past Who panels usually happened on Sunday.

Also, James Gunn reported a couple of months back that Marvel Studios will not be at Comic-Con, but Marvel Comics and the TV division will (meaning panels on Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, likely Daredevil, and AKA Jessica Jones may be part of the schedule).

So, fans of Doctor Who  are advised to cross their fingers that Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez and maybe Steven Moffat will be headed to San Diego this summer.

And look for Whedonopolis’ coverage of all these things at SDCC!