Liv is trying to cope in the aftermath of Lowell being killed by Blaine and so are we. Except we’ve had a week, but this episode picks up right after the police find Liv cradling Lowell’s lifeless body. It’s difficult because Liv can’t tell the police that she saw Blaine kill Lowell, because she would have to explain what she was doing at the time. She is still dealing with PTSD from her last meal, but now she is the prime suspect in Lowell’s murder.
Meanwhile, Major is not doing well. He knows full well that he shot someone in his house, but now there is no trace of the body. Detective Babineau thinks he has a mental problem and now even Major is starting to doubt himself. Major is going through a life crises right now and Liv isn’t around to support him. All Liv and Ravi would have to do is tell him the truth to let him into the inner circle, but no. Major thinks he’s crazy and checks himself into a mental facility. Liv justifies the deception by convincing herself that perhaps that would be a safe place for Major until she’s able to deal with the Blain situation.
Lieutenant Suzuki shows up and spins a story that Lowell killed himself.  At first I thought it might be because he knows Liv is a zombie and wants to get her off the hook. Since he’s a policeman and supposed to be a good guy, I’m still hopeful for a Suzuki/Liv partnership, but it’s more likely that Suzuki is just doing more bidding for Blaine and wants to wipe it under the rug.
To make matters worse, Ravi and Liv have to wrestle with how to make Lowell’s death unnoticeable. Ravi says it best, that if Lowell is ruled murdered, then Blain will either kill anyone who comes after him, or turn others that are in jail with him. Not to mention that Lowell’s body could be contagious for the zombie pathogen and might need to be destroyed.
We do get a distraction from the pensive subject matter, when Liv eats the brain of an young woman, Rebecca Hinton, who is an alcoholic. Liv has some comical scenes being drunk, but what’s about it, is that scenes from previous episodes are starting to weave together. It turns out that Rebecca is the same reporter that got Major and Detective Babineau in trouble by publishing the notion that the police department doesn’t have time to investigate missing teens. She was also investigating the ill effects of Max Rager energy drink, which Ravi has established as a catalyst to making zombies.
One of the funniest scenes is Liv drunk in a bar when a guy comes up and tries to hit on her. She already knows that first question is going to be “Can I buy you a drink?” so she immediately says yes, but quickly dismisses the guy with an exagerated no, when he tries to “chat her up.” Then, after not having been available for Major, he’s the one she calls when she’s too drunk to drive home from the bar.
 iZombie110MaxRagerAnd the plot thickens. Turns out, of course, that the evil Max Rager corp knew about the psychosis caused by a small percentage of the population consuming the energy drink. Liv goes back to the bar and meets a guy claiming to be Rebecca’s source, but ends up getting kidnapped. The creepy guy though licks blood from Liv’s face. I figure if just a scratch can turn you into a zombie, sampling zombie blood has got to do it. And, at last, in captivity, Liv goes “full on zombie” and gruesomely mauls the kidnapper with the running motor of a boat. So, lo and behold, if you eat zombie blood and then die, you turn into a zombie.  We’ve got Liv’s first zombie spawn – intentional or not.
Liv does eventually agree to Ravi signing off on Lowell’s death as a suicide, but vows that she’s going to find Blaine and this time she’ll go through with killing him.
What did you think of the episode? How do you think Liv’s zombie progeny will fit into things? Let’s talk about it in the comments!