***** SPOILERS BELOW *****

Tyrion and Daenerys meet! Cersei’s fate changes! Sam gets it on! And so much more happened in the seventh episode of the season! “The Gift” was truly a “gift” to us fans and the episode did not disappoint. Lots of changes and advances! The fact that Tyrion and Daenerys have actually, FINALLY met (something that hasn’t happened in the books yet), left my mind reeling. And if you weren’t happily smiling to yourself after the final scene, then you must be crazy! Let’s get to it!

WINTERFELL: Last week, a lot of people were very upset about Sansa’s troubles with her new husband, Ramsay Bolton. People were even threatening to quit the show. Well, some time has passed, and Sansa still suffers. She has bruises on her arms and cries in her sleep. But, she is NOT giving up. She tries to enlist the help of Theon – telling him to bring the candle to the highest tower, where friends will come save her (ie Brienne – who waits stoically, staring at the tower). Theon/Reek still has his issues, but takes the candle.

Later, Sansa walks the battlements with Ramsay. She is seemingly more confident, telling him that his stepmother might have a baby boy and his claim won’t be as strong. All that fades when Ramsay shows her the flayed dead body of the old woman who had given Sansa the candle and tried to help her. Theon/Reek told Ramsay about Sansa’s plan. UGH. Another setback! But, along her walk, Sansa picked up a corkscrew. Here’s hoping she uses it real soon. I think everyone can agree we hope that Ramsay suffers a terrible fate…soon!

standavosSomewhere outside of Winterfell, Stannis is having a hard time, too. The snow is picking up, troops are deserting him, and it is all around crappy. Davos urges Stannis to just retreat back to Winterfell, but Stannis has too much pride for that. They are only marching forward, to victory or to defeat. He wants some reassurance from Melisandre, but she declares they need another sacrifice of king’s blood aka his daughter, Shireen. OH, HELL NO! Not Shireen! Stannis is not having it. He just wants to possibly make another smoke demon baby with her. She remains confident in her way, though. Not looking good for Shireen.

snowinSnowUp at The Wall, Jon Snow departs with angry Tormund, the current “leader” of the Wildlings. They are heading to Hardhome, where bad things are surely bound to happen. Meanwhile, Maester Aemon, who has been slowly dwindling down lately, dies of old age. It was sad and sweet and Sam was with him the whole time. RIP Aemon Targaryen. I hope this doesn’t mean Sam/Gilly’s book storyline is changing.

samgillyLater, Gilly is attacked by two Night’s Watch men, but Sam steps forward to defend her. He gets knocked out and things are looking bad…but then Ghost, Jon Snow’s direwolf, shows up. He has a knack for showing up at the right time! The men go running. Gilly takes care of the injured Sam, kissing him, and then getting on top of him and having sex! Alrighty! It was a nice sweet scene for them, but I don’t think I needed to see it. Sam’s friends at Castle Black are getting scarce. Maybe he should take a trip down South? Just saying.

jaimemyrcellaDorne: Jaime gets a visit from his niece/daughter, Myrcella, who tells him that she loves Dorne, loves Trystane, and she isn’t going back to King’s Landing. Rawr. She has her mother’s ferocity! In the Dornish cells, Bronn sings as the Sand Snakes glower across the hall. Tyene, the youngest of the three, boasts about slashing him with her dagger last week, telling him her dagger was imbued with poison. She also has the antidote and will give it to him if he tells her she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Oh, and she does this while flaunting her bare breasts. Bronn quickly agrees and is granted the antidote. This scene was the best featuring the Sand Snakes so far, but we still need more insight to actually care about what is happening in Dorne.

Mereen: Across the Narrow Sea, Jorah and Tyrion are being sold in a black market slave auction. Tyrion manages to get himself sold alongside Jorah, so they can stick together. They are brought to a newly opened fighting pit, where Queen Daenerys happens to be visiting. Earlier, Daenerys looked for some advice from her bedtime lover, Daario. He wants her to marry him and not Hizdahr. But she can’t do that. He also wants her to kill all the slave masters, telling her a ruler is a either a “butcher or the meat.” Daario seems to be getting less and less trustworthy. Hmmm.

DanyGirlBack in the fighting pits, Dany is disgusted by the brutal slaughterings. Jorah, disguised by a helmet, bursts forth, knocking out opponents, instead of killing them, which intrigues Dany. However, when he reveals himself to her, she becomes infuriated, telling them to get him out of her sight. Jorah shouts that he brought her a gift – out pops Tyrion freaking Lannister! It’s an amazing moment to FINALLY have Daenerys and Tyrion, two of the greats, meet! Plus, it hasn’t happened in the books yet, which was just an injustice to A Dance with Dragons readers. What exciting things are going to happen next!

sadTommenKing’s Landing: Or, should I call it Karma’s Landing? Because things certainly take a turn here! Firstly, Lady Olenna visits the High Sparrow, working her usually wise methods (threats, bribes) to get him to release Loras and Margaery. He isn’t biting. It seems he truly just is working for “the people” and “justice.” I’m sure he is loving his newfound power, though. Meanwhile, King Tommen is super frustrated about being the king and not being able to do anything. Cersei tries to reassure him, saying she would do anything for him and his sister. She truly does love her children, yet she is the ultimate helicopter parent and needs to learn to chill.

OlennaLady Olenna pays Littlefinger a visit and bascially threatens his ass if anything happens to Loras and Margaery. If her house goes down, he’ll go down, too. So, Littlefinger gives Lady Olenna some leverage: dirt on Cersei!

Cersei goes to visit/gloat in front of the imprisoned Margaery. Margaery is looking wrecked and she wants Cersei to get out of her face. Cersei is loving it. She tells the High Sparrow that she hopes both Margaery and Loras are punished for their wrongdoings. The High Sparrow starts going on about architecture and stripping away grandeur, before turning the tables on Cersei and telling her he can’t wait to see what they find when they strip away her facade. He brings out Lancel Lannister, who we all remember slept with Cersei and helped her kill the king in season one! Cersei tries to flee, but is blocked by some evil looking septas and thrown into a cell! She cries out that she is the Queen and her face will be the last thing they see before they die! Daaaang! Finally! You know what they say about karma, Cersei.

There were so many great moments in this episode, particularly the electric meeting of Tyrion and Daenerys and that final scene with Cersei. Lena Headey is a master at her craft. She makes us feel so many things for Cersei and I must applaud her work.

Only three episodes left this season and anything can happen! Will Sansa find her revenge and bring down Ramsey? Will Stannis reach Winterfell? What will Tyrion and Daenerys do together? Will Cersei face the ultimate justice? I certainly can’t wait to find out. What did you guys think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below.

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