Unfortunately we find Major in the mental facility this week. His new friend, Scott E., who totally believes Major’s story and tells Major that there’s a zombie problem in Seattle, ends up dead. I thought it was nice that this brought the action of the story to Major’s surroundings, so that he doesn’t have to be ancillary to everything that’s going on. But, it still makes you want Liv and Ravi to just reveal everything to Major and bring him into the inner circle.

iZombie111HellfireThis means that Liv has to eat the brain of a mental patient who thought the devil was talking to him. So, while trying to solve his murder, Liv has to deal with hearing voices and seeing an animated devil on Hellfire Cheezy Puffs bag. It’s funny at times, and the “devil” interjects inappropriate comments for comic relief during the episode. On other fronts, we see that Ravi’s interest in Peyton hasn’t fizzled out. They have sort of a double-date with Liv and, surprisingly, Major watching movies at home after Major checked himself quickly out of the mental facility after Scott E.’s death.

There were quite a few references to the devil in this episode. It make me wonder if the writers of the show are setting us up for something else later. In addition to Liv hearing voices from the devil, out of nowhere, Scott E.’s girlfriend asked Babineau if he had read the book of Lucifer. Also Scott E.’s therapist had a college mug on her desk and the mascot was the Horned Devils. Coincidence? I guess we’ll see.

When Liv got ahold of Scott E.’s visitor’s list, we see that Blaine was one of his visitors. Since Blaine seems to leave a pile of bodies in his wake, it seems early on that he’s responsible. After all, if you happen to know a zombie in Seattle and you even mention the word zombie, you might end up missing, dead, eaten, or all of the above. Blaine freaks everybody out by stopping by the M.E.’s office to see what Liv might know about Lowell’s death. And strangely enough, they share a glass of Max Rager energy drink. Knowing that the energy drink was a catalyst in the Lake Washington massacre, I thought that it might make them both switch into “full-on zombie mode” but alas, nothing happened. Ravi checks Blaine’s and Liv’s vitals and I was surprised that zombies have blood pressure. I guess that makes sense, but that means that they’re not fully dead but only “mostly dead” (Princess Bride reference). But, then I was confused again because zombies don’t bleed as we saw when Major shot Julien Dupont. If you have blood pressure, shouldn’t you bleed?

iZombie111LivFakeFrostI thought the most exciting part of this episode was Liv’s experiences as she was trying to find Scott E.’s video of the Lake Washington massacre. She befriends the local weatherman, Johnny Frost, who leads her to Scott E.’s apartment and the location of where he stashes his valuables. After using Scott E.’s laptop to track the location of his phone, she and Johnny find the phone containing the video. All during this, Major has become Liv’s house guest with a new lease on life finding a job and after a tender moment, it finally happens! At last, Liv tells Major about zombies and that she is also one of them. I’m sure I was surprised like many viewers that Major took it so well and didn’t resent Liv or Ravi for not telling him. What a relief it was that Major was finally in the inner circle. But, wait a minute…

iZombie111LivFakeMajorLiv was having delusions from the effects of Scott E.’s brain. Johnny Frost turned out not to be real and neither was her “live-in guest, looking for a job” – Major. Noooooo. Not only do we have to reset in our minds what we think Major knows, but also Liv and Major aren’t a couple anymore…or…aren’t a couple yet. It does make you wonder though, why did Liv have a delusion of Major staying with her in her bed? And why did she seem to want to tell him everything in her delusion? Does that mean that she really wants to drop all the pretense in real life and let him in? Just a short while ago she was willing to let him languish in a mental facility, but what about now?

iZombie111CliveLivLarsonAfter all that, it turns out that Blain had nothing to do with Scott E.’s death. It was a cut and dried “murder-made-to-look-like-suicide” by Scott E.’s own psychiatrist, who was pregnant with his baby and got rid of Scott E. because he threaten to tell everyone if she didn’t get rid of the child.

But, our real Major is still skeptical and does enough research on his own to find out Blaine’s place of business, Meat Cute, and steal a supply of outgoing “Astroburgers” (I had to include the title of the ep. It was unclear until we saw the astronaut stickers on the brain-to-go containers). Blaine has graduated from procuring the brains of wayward teens to high-profile people for excess cash, and also in the effort to give zombies the ability to have unique experiences like actually walking on the moon. Blaine’s abduction of a astronaut legend is going to bring more scrutiny to what might be the only area of the country with zombies. But, we all know with the money Blaine is getting for high-profile brains, he won’t stop there.

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