Results Cobie SmuldersFor those who were disappointed by Cameron Crowe’s romcom, Aloha, there is a much better alternative available at iTunes, On Demand, and select theaters. It involves a newly-rich guy who wants to get into shape, and winds up getting in a triangle between two fitness trainers.


What’s great about Results is that it starts as a likely romance but takes much different roads to wind up at a much better destination. The story centers around a gym in Austin, owned by Trevor, played by Guy Pearce (Iron Man 3). He has a firm philosophy about fitness, but he’s also a bit over his head when it comes to running the place. One of his trainers is Kat, (Cobie Smulders, How I Met Your Mother and both Avengers movies), who’s very dedicated to her job. When we first see her, she’s jogging, then spots a client who’s been eating a cupcake in her car. There’s also a few hints she had a relationship with Trevor.

Then, Danny (Kevin Corrigan, Community), the newly-rich guy, enters the gym, asking Trevor to help him get into shape, or, at least, be able to take a punch. Danny’s also getting over a divorce, and is having some problems settling into a large rented house. Kat agrees to have private sessions with Danny, and it looks like they may get closer. However, when Danny decides to use his cash to romance Kat, she backs off quickly.

A typical romcom would usually follow Danny’s efforts to win her back, but instead he and Trevor’s relationship changes. Trevor helps Danny get into shape while Danny invests in Trevor’s plans to expand. Kat gets back into the picture when those plans take an unexpected turn.

For those who know Smulders from the Marvel movies and How I Met Your Mother, this is a very good change of pace for her. She portrays Kat as someone who is very good as a trainer, but would like something different in her life. Her aggressive manner, however, winds up being a stumbling block. Pearce is even better as Trevor, who tries to restore his confidence with his fitness philosophy while panicking over Danny’s loyalty. Connolly’s character starts out as a bored and depressed schlub, and doesn’t seem to change that much until late in the movie. However, he tells Trevor over the phone that he is “training him” instead of the other way around.

The movie also features Giovanni Ribisi as Danny’s business lawyer, and Anthony Michael Hall as a Russian fitness trainer Trevor tries to convince to do a seminar at the gym. Really, Hall reminds us that his role in 16 Candles was a long time ago.

Results is a good mix of romance with some insights about physical trainers and how their commitment to their jobs may affect their chances at a real life. Some may wonder why the movie isn’t about Danny and Kat in the end, like other romcoms, but it decides to take a different route with a good finish for all.

It’s at a few theaters and iTunes, but already getting good grades from Rotten Tomatoes and iTunes. For more information, head to the movie’s website. Here’s the trailer from the movie…