Hi iZombie fans. There’s so much to talk about in this weeks episode as we gear up for the season finale next week. Well, so it looks like we finally get to find out what happened to Sebastien, the hit man from Max Rager who tried to get rid of trouble making Liv a couple of weeks ago. We all saw that he turned into a zombie after tasting Liv’s blood (which was creepy) but then planned to dump her live body over the side of a boat weighing her down with a cinder block. Sinister and creepy.

***** SPOILERS BELOW *****


It was entertaining to see iZombie bring back Sebastien in an “ode” to teenage horror films like “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” Of the teens involved, it was a treat to see actress Bex Taylor-Klaus, who is also plays Sin on Arrow, playing the part of Teresa. The teens of course went though the whole getting-rid-of-the-body process. But a key difference in this scenario is that Sebastien dug himself out of the ground, killed, and then ate Kimber, the hot cheerleader of the group.

In normal fashion Liv eats her brain to help with the investigation, but this time she drinks it down with Mexican hot chocolate. I’ve never heard of Mexican hot chocolate, so I instantly had to “Google” it and find out why there is such a thing called “Mexican” hot chocolate and how is it different from other hot chocolate. Wikipedia hints that it contains semi-sweet chocolate, cinnamon, sugar, and also vanilla.  Sounds totally delicious. I find that I now have to either seek out a place to get this or make it myself. I thought that if Liv was drinking it, it would somehow be spicy, but perhaps not.

iZombie112LivCheerLiv instantly snaps into “peppy cheerleader mode” to solve the case. Rose McIver was absolutely brilliant playing the millennial cheerleader, whose personality I find hard to describe except to say perhaps a modern “valley girl” accent from the 80’s. She was able to get information out of Kimber’s best friend and Babineau’s facial expressions as she’s doing it is priceless. Later, it was also good to see Liv bonding with her roommate Peyton as she did her hair. Liv has been so aloof since she became a zombie, that it’s good to see that some of her personality changes help her with her relationships with her friends.

Meanwhile, Sebastien is on a tear and another victim, Nate, from the group of teens is found dead. But this time strangely enough, the brain is not eaten. Would Sebastien kill the teen just for vengeance, since they ran over him and tried to bury him? Since zombies need to eat every day, why wouldn’t Sebastien just find a way to save the brain for later?

But having two victims means, Liv has to take a break from being the peppy cheerleader and eat Nate’s brain. Liv goes instantly from being peppy cheerleader to lethargic pot-head, Nate. She starts toking-up pretty quickly and finds that she doesn’t get any flashes from being sedate from weed all the time. Maybe being drunk or high keeps a zombie from getting flashes. Interesting. We might see this happen later, especially if a zombie wants to suppress memories from brains they eat.

iZombie112MajorOn other fronts, it was funny seeing Ravi confide in Major and Peyton confide in Liv to talk about their new relationship. Liv didn’t want to hear about all of the sex Peyton and Ravi were having and neither did Major. On Liv’s side it was because she worked with Ravi, but interestingly on Major side, Major said he thinks of Peyton like a sister. It makes you wonder if that’s really the reason or is it just because Liv and Major are missing each other. But what was laugh-out-loud funny was that Ravi’s approaching Major to ask for advice lead Major to hilariously believe that Ravi might want him to perform a testicular exam on him. And if my sides weren’t bursting enough with laughter, Ravi made light of the misunderstanding uttering something about Major “feeling up his ‘cobblers.’” You gotta love British euphemisms for sex parts. I wonder if American euphemisms are as funny to Brits.

IZombie112LivRedEyeThe best part of the episode has to be Liv and Sebastien’s full-on-zombie-mode fight in Liv’s kitchen. Frying pans and knives were flying everywhere. But Peyton saw everything. It was sad that Liv ends up telling Peyton the whole truth, but still is keeping Major out of the loop. Even with all that, Peyton takes off, to both Liv and Ravi’s chagrin.

iZombie112TheresaThe strange thing is that the two remaining teens, Cameron and Theresa get mauled by someone or something. At first, you think that it was Sebastien, but with Sebastien now dead, who is mauling people and not eating their brains. Looks like there’s something new.  I hope we get to find out in the season finale next week.

iZombie airs Tuesday at 9/8c on The CW.