There are only a few episodes left in season 3 of Orphan Black, so there is sure to be quite a few intense moments for viewers to handle in the next few weeks.  Will Cosima beat her illness, or will she die in the season finale like she almost dead last season?  Will Rachel get busted free from her DYAD prison?  Find out more in the recap below!

***** SPOILERS BELOW *****

We start the new episode with Delphine meeting a new clone the audience is being introduced to, Krystal, who was nearly abducted by the Castor clones.  And it turns out Virginia managed to escape the explosion at the Castor camp, but thankfully Paul’s sacrifice destroyed the illegal work she had been doing.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 7.39.14 PMSarah and Cosima Skype and have a heart to heart about Beth, and Sarah says she doesn’t want to lose another one of them.  Apparently Helena needs a place to go, and it’s “sestra” Alison’s turn to let her stay over.  In a hilarious moment, Helena walks downstairs in Alison’s clothes.  Sarah and Rachel see each other face to face over Skype for the first time since what we’ll call, “the pencil incident.”  Rachel claims to have decoded one page of the book, but wants Sarah to get her out of DYAD before she translates any more.

I’ve decided,, after this episode that there’s nothing I love more than Helena cracking up at Donnie’s cheesy jokes and flirting with him.  Gracie apologizes to Helena about losing their baby, and Helena cutely says it’s OK and she can be auntie to her baby.  I love nice, happy Helena!

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 7.39.26 PMScott gets home to find Rudy creepily waiting for him in the dark.  Ugh, I am not a fan of these Castor boys.  Felix goes up to the nail salon Krystal works at to work on her a bit for the identity theft they have planned to get Rachel out of the country.

Scott calls Delphine after being confronted by Rudy and tells her everything so he can get her help, now that Rudy is demanding the book.  Needless to say, Delphine is pretty upset when she learns Cosima basically trusted everyone, but her, with the book.

tumblr_npl2j7g9EH1sswylfo1_500Cosima betrays Delphine, yet again, shortly after by asking to meet with her while Scott breaks Rachel out.  As Rachel is decoding the copy that Cosima lied about having, Delphine’s people come in and take Rachel away while she has an apparent seizure.  However, it seems like there is some shady stuff going on and Rachel has some friends on the inside.

What did you think of the episode?  Any predictions for the last couple episodes?  Comment below!

 Orphan Black airs on Saturday at 9/8c on BBC America.