iZombieMaxRagerHiZombie fans. Wow, the season finale of iZombie did not disappoint. It was like a reveal-a-palooza! Vaughn Du Clark (Steven Weber), the Max Rager executive, was not only aware of the violent episodes caused by the Max Rager drink, but after seeing Sebastien, now knows the whole story with Max Rager being a catalyst for making zombies. It was gratifying to see that internal memo was leaked and now Max Rager is on the defensive. Down, but, apparently, not out.

iZombieMajorGunMajor cleans house! I guess he finally figured it out how to kill a zombie, after failing by shooting Julien Dupont in the chest. He goes completely Rambo and takes everyone out in the Meat Cute store. Really he only shot three of them though. One kind of “falls” into the meat cutting band saw, and takes out his nemesis Julien with style- a grenade in the meat locker. Major does do some stupid things and stayed true to his character. Even though he takes out all the zombies in the store, he underestimates Blaine and gets stabbed in the stomach. Typical Major.

The Cameron story really wasn’t that interesting except that it did have a twist. When Theresa went to meet him last week, and we saw blood on the pillow, we really thought he was already dead. It seems a little out of character that he would kill two of his friends just so he didn’t have to share the Max Rager pay off money. I would think it would be more likely for him to split with whoever is left. After all, they were his “getting high” buddies. And weirdly, unlike in most weeks, when Liv is able to help solve Theresa’s murder by eating her brains, it really ends up being Ravi who determines the murder weapon and Babineau who figures out that Cameron staged his own capture.

Liv is pivotal, though, in that she finally get’s Blaine where she wants him and can rid the world of him. Lots of people I talked to really thought that Liv would take out Blaine and we would get a new villain for season two. But Blaine’s last minute appeal did make a lot of sense. Even though Blaine was responsible for making zombies, he really was keeping them all fed with his Meat Cute brain distribution center. If Liv were to get rid of him, the zombies would get hungry and then everyone in Seattle would be at risk. So, as much as we all wanted Blaine to meet a grizzly end, practically, we need him to keep the balance. Even with that, Liv was brilliant in forcing the cure on him. Now he really does have an incentive to keep the zombies fed, or he might become one of their meals, too.

iZombieLivBlaine was able to throw in a final jab at both Liv and Major by finally revealing Liv’s secret. I don’t blame Major at all for letting Liv have a piece of his mind. He should be hurt. Right before Liv turned into a zombie, they were engaged. Major should have been her closest confidant. Instead, she let Major think he was crazy, check himself in to a mental institution, and then doesn’t give him a choice when she decides to turn him into a zombie. Yeah, it was to “save” his life, although we didn’t see her make an attempt to call an ambulance, either. And, we still don’t know what the effects of the “cure” are gonna be. The last batch Ravi came up with killed the rat. It was fine to use it on Blaine, but again, she makes the decision for Major and gives him the cure. Oh, and she gave the “Astroburgers” back to Blaine which he is still going to profit from. I guess we just have to hope that everything works out next season.

And what a cliffhanger! Lieutenant Suzuki was first trying to cover everything up, but, I guess, decided that it was just too big a mess to deal with. He blows Meat Cute and himself up, but Liv’s brother Evan is caught in the blast. Liv might be able to save him because she has the same blood type…or did. Maybe there is some of the cure left; enough for Liv to turn back into a human long enough to give blood to save her brother, but she definitely can’t as a zombie. Now she’s gonna have to decide if she’s going to turn her own brother into a zombie to “save” his life.

iZombieLivAll in all it was a great season. Unlike the last couple of episodes, iZombie is normally light-hearted and fun. Liv gets to be a different person each week when she eats a brain, and we still get police work and case solving. There are lots of questions to be answered when iZombie returns next season. And things are going to be different. Meat Cute and all Blaine’s henchmen are gone, Babineau suspects Major for the shootings, and Major and Peyton are finally in the loop. I’ll be there to watch when the show comes back and I hope you all will too.

iZombie returns this Fall on The CW.