In which the crew from last season were reunited and everything returned to the status quo, except really, not at all.


It should be noted that half way through the “previously on Defiance” I realized I had not watched the finale of last season. This was due to season two story fatigue and just not caring about the characters anymore. The silliness of the last seasons story can not be overstated and it’s amazing I tuned in for season three. Having said that, season three had an incredible start, partly due to a change of the writing staff and the guts to take real chances with the characters and story.

The first thirty minutes of the two-hour premiere looked like it was going to reunite everyone and set the show back to season one. Not a bad idea since season one ended on a solid note, but, instead, they killed off the entire McCawley clan in the most bloody fashion.

defiance_301_01The loss of Rafe McCawley (Graham Greene) was a huge risk and based on all the other deaths, it wasn’t clear that the baby was even safe. That’s the way to build tension and demonstrate that, this season, anyone can die.

Besides the big shockers, Stahma and Datak were captured by the new villain General Tak (Lee Tergesen) who added a much needed sense of real danger.

defiance_301_03Tak is a sadist and bit crazy, but loads of fun to watch. He holds Alak hostage and forces Stahma and Datak to sabotage Defiance ahead of his invasion. Family is the only thing that could force either of the Tarrs to work against their personal interests. Given that they are both very intelligent and cunning, the citizens of Defiance should be very afraid.

Speaking of villains, the new race called Omec, lead by T’evgin (Conrad Coates) and his daughter Kindzi (Nichole Galicia), are vicious predators that all the other races fear. Everyone was calling them cannibals, but they don’t eat their own kind, just all the other races.

defiance_301_05After Kindzi attacks Nolan and Irisa, she is locked up, but her father comes looking for her. He gives the air a being much more dangerous than his appearance so Amanda tries negotiating with him first. Well and she wants access to the mines again. What is incredible is the writers take Amanda and Nolan to an extremely grey area to pull off the deal with T’evgin. They not only have to let Kindzi go after she kills a young boy, but they personally have to pull off the skin of Doctor Yewll to help heal Kindzi’s wounds. Don’t think she’s going to be inviting them for drinks anytime soon. Unfriended.

defiance_302_03Lastly, Irisa has a serious case of guilt and angst. She is having a really hard time reconciling all the people she killed under alien influence with her normal warrior persona. She can’t bring herself to kill one more person to add to her total and feels like she deserves to be punished. Nolan seems to want to ignore her issues and tells her to brush it off and let it go. That does not seem to be working and will likely get one of them hurt in battle. Nolan might actually have to talk to his daughter about her feelings. Gasp.

Defiance is back to it’s former glory or, really, its better glory.  If this two hour premiere is any indication, season three will be a hell of a ride.

New episodes of Defiance air Friday at 8/7c on SyFy.