Justice League movie BImagine Batman with bat blood, Superman with a connection to General Zod and a Wonder Woman who isn’t an Amazon. Would they still be heroes, or a threat?

That’s the premise of a new DC Universe animated film called Justice League:  Gods and Monsters, which will have its premiere at Comic-Con on Friday, July 10th at 7 PM in Ballroom 20. In an alternate world, Superman is related to General Zod, Batman has actual bat blood and Wonder Woman is connected to the New Gods. When important scientists are killed, a government task force suspects the Justice League. In this clip, the way Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman discuss the situation may give you a chill or two.

The list of voice actors is also pretty impressive. Benjamin Bratt of Law and Order is Superman, Michael C. Hall of Dexter is Batman, Tamara Taylor of Bones is Wonder Woman, Also part of the cast are Tahmoh Penikett, Richard Chamberlain, Paget Brewster and Jason Isaacs. Taylor and Brewster, by the way, will be attending the premiere.

The movie will be available for digital download on July 14th and blu-ray two weeks later.