Jane Espenson was presented with Etheria Film Night‘s Inspiration Award, and she also kindly granted Whedonopolis with an exclusive interview. She offered some fantastic advice as well!


Photo Credit: Isis Nocturne

Whedonopolis: Congratulations on the new award, Jane! It’s much deserved!

Jane Espenson: Thank you!

Whedonopolis: You’ve been a personal inspiration to me, as well as lots of other people, for many years now.

Jane Espenson: Thank you! That’s huge! It’s the best thing a person can hear.

Whedonopolis: What has you most excited to be here at Etheria Film Night tonight?

Jane Espenson: I’m very excited that Amber [Benson] is here with her film, Juliet [Landau] sadly couldn’t be here tonight, but I’m excited for her, I know Tricia Helfer is going to be here, and I’m excited to see people who came from projects that helped define my career.

Whedonopolis: And to know that the Inspiration Award is being presented to you by these friends of yours from so many projects has to be absolutely amazing.

Jane Espenson: Oh yeah! It’s incredible. I know I’m going to be all weepy and overwhelmed.

Whedonopolis: Do you have any advice for young up and comers in the entertainment industry, especially women?

Jane Espenson: I would say that my advice for women is: Don’t be intimidated by what you’ve heard about obstacles. Just come in and be great, and you’ll do great. But I want to give advice that extends beyond just women, and say that to everyone out there. Everyone has some reason to think that there’s an obstacle in front of them, that there’s a reason they cannot become a creator or a writer or whatever they want to be. Forget the obstacles; just come out and give it a try.

Whedonopolis: Thank you so much!

Jane Espenson: Thank you!