The liars are all grown up. In some ways it seemed like not a day had gone by since the last time they were all together and in others, they couldn’t seem more far apart.

*** Spoilers Below ***

I was a little disappointed that the new ‘A’ didn’t message them. I was very excited for the new messages to start. We may have not gotten a much anticipated text message, but we did get a shocking death.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.52.50 PMI was not expecting Charlotte to die, but who would want her dead? All of the liars. Well they may not go as far as wishing her dead, but they certainly didn’t want to see her back out in the real world.

We are in familiar territory with the girls being suspected of murder, yet again. Has anyone else ever been suspected for murder as many times as these ladies?

That big twist may almost make-up for no text message, but next week writers, I expect the new ‘A’ to come out and play.

Will we be calling this mystery man the new ‘A’ or will he go by another name? So many questions in just one episode.

Is it safe to say that Caleb and Spencer are a couple? I do not approve of this match up! I am a Haleb fan through and through. I want them to be the end game.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.54.42 PMI think there may be hope for Haleb yet. There seems to be trouble in paradise for Hanna and Jordan. I mean shouldn’t he have gone with Hanna to Rosewood to support her in this traumatic time? Either there is trouble or I am just praying for it.

I’m most excited to delve into Ezra’s storyline. He’s so broken because his girlfriend was taken. We know from previews he’s going to lash out. He’s got so much more depth to him this time around and I can’t wait to tackle it.

I don’t know how Ezra and Aria can get back to where they were after so much has happened. He’s clearly been with this girl longer than he was ever with Aria, but does that mean it meant more? Once again, I want this couple to be the end game and I will be rooting for them until the last episode airs.

Spencer and Toby seem to be on the best terms out of all the couples, but they are not together either. Is he really making a house for another girl? Could he possibly be making that house for Spencer just like in The Notebook? She did love that film. He could be recreating that! Am I being too hopeful?

Aria has always been the small, but very fierce liar, but I don’t think it was her bravery that made her tell the truth in court. It was complete and utter fear.

It seems Aria is the most traumatized by everything ‘A’ did. Not saying that the other liars don’t have serious cases of PTSD, but Aria is definitely not doing well.

I think Hanna has thrown herself into her work and so has Spencer. Emily seems to be pretty messed up too, but she’s hiding it well.

Emily is the first one to start telling lies. Are those prescriptions she’s taking or is she self medicating? Clearly losing her father has affected her worse than ‘A’ ever did.

It’s sad that her dad had to die, but that means more growth for Emily. She’s so strong, she can pull through anything. Looks like she has a long way to climb, but she has her best friend’s by her side.

Most the episode was just excitement seeing the ladies back together. We really didn’t delve in until Aria broke down in court and then the girls started drinking.

Spencer was so drunk, but she made some great points. Did we really think ‘A’ would be let out? Why do they constantly lie for Ali time and time again? Of course it matters. The truth matters. They are falling back into their old ways very quickly, which means we’re in for a great new mystery.

Are you still rooting for all of the original couples? Were you expecting Charlotte to die? Will you get used to Spencer’s new bangs? Let me know in the comments below.