It really feels like we’ve gone back in a time-warp. The liars are right back where they started, telling lies and messing up evidence.

*** Spoilers Below ***

Can Ezra really be the killer? I know he’s angry about his girlfriend and would do anything to protect Aria, but would he really kill Charlotte?

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.56.45 PMI’m going to go ahead and say he’s not the killer. My opinion may change from week to week, but right now, this all seems like an ‘A’ kind of move.

Where is this new ‘A’? There may be signs of this new person, but he hasn’t made himself known, yet. When are we getting the first text message?

What is Sara up to? She’s just hanging around and visiting Charlotte’s grave. I don’t know if she has anything to do with Charlotte’s murder, but the liars are still scared of her. And I’m a little scared of her, too.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.56.11 PMWhat’s wrong with Emily? Does she have cancer? This is an awful twist. Her dad died and now she has cancer? That’s just so cruel. She doesn’t deserve this.

Now she has to deal with the new ‘A’ on top of whatever she’s stuck with.

We had to deal with meeting two of the liar’s new significant others this week. Really? You had to throw two of them in our face at once.

On the surface they seem fine, but I’m all about Caleb and Ezra, so these guys will have to do a lot for me to be okay with them.

Was a little chat between Ezra and Aria the only thing that happened? Was that all part of Aria trying to get the book out of Ezra or was that her feelings coming out?

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.56.24 PMWho meets up at 4am in the morning? That just seems very odd. Or it could be me hoping that they’re re-sparking their relationship.

Does Liam (Aria’s new guy) know about Ezra? If he knows the whole truth then he would understand why Aria doesn’t want him going to talk to Ezra. Why would you want your current boyfriend talking to your old boyfriend?

Does she really think Ezra could have something to do with Charlotte’s murder?

Ali definitely thinks one of them had something to do with it, but who? Aria?

It seems we have gone back to the past because Hanna is deleting camera footage. Have they learned nothing? That’s exactly what they would have done back in the day.

As much as I’m saying stupid move, there would be no show without decisions like that. I look forward to them digging a bigger hole for themselves.

Are Caleb and Spencer a thing or not? They seem to be very, very close, but they haven’t kissed or done anything to make us think they are really a couple.

Do you think Caleb and Spencer are really a couple? Could Ezra have had anything to do with Charlotte’s murder? Who do you think killed her? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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