Hello gentle readers and welcome to Fantasy Island! No, wait…

Welcome to Fandomopolis®! The new sister site to our long running Whedon-centric site, Whedonopolis™.

Why a second site?

While we have great times with Whedonopolis, we feel it’s time to spread our wings and fly over uncharted lands, even those completely unrelated to Our Lord and Master, Joss Whedon. A less “topic specific” name can help us gain access to even more fun TV show and movie press and interviews that we may have missed out on before. And you want that too, right?

Are you leaving Whedonopolis behind, alone and unloved, soaking in the mire of forgotten websites?

No, never! How dare you suggest such a thing?! Heathen. We still love Whedonopolis and all things Whedon! We will continue to cover anything that has a Whedon connection on Whedonopolis, while over here on Fandomopolis, we’ll be cross posting some of those things and covering just about everything else you can think of!

If you’re going to cross post, why should I  still go to Whedonopolis for anything?

Boy, you ask the good questions! While we will cross post the more, shall we say, “mainstream” news and reviews, there will still be some Whedon-verse specific articles that will live only on Whedonopolis.

This sounds great! How can I be involved in Fandomopolis?

I’m glad you asked! If you would like to write for Fandomopolis (reviews, interviews, blogs, vlogs, clogs, dogs) or just post the news, shoot an email us at info@fandomopolis.com.

So, welcome again! And thank you for joining us on this shiny, new adventure!