Joss Whedon has a very important message for voters and he has enlisted a lot of celebrities — actually a ‘sh*t ton’ of celebrities — to help him get that message out. There are Avengers, Agents of SHIELD, Browncoats, a Sunnydale survivor, Dr. Horrible, a West Wing President and staff member and, uh, James Franco (he is everywhere these days) on hand — to name a few.  He even gets some regular folks to speak up too, just to keep it all balanced.  Each person expresses their heartfelt feelings about the importance of voting this November.

Watch as some of our favorite famous faces from the Whedonverse passionately urge us to do our civic duty and vote on November 8th.


So be sure to get out there and vote, folks!  We want to see Mark Ruffalo naked in his next movie.  Full Marky.

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