We were told someone would die tonight but I should have been more worried about a lot of other things and not the person that was going to die.

***** Spoilers Below *****

On the one hand I’m very relieved that Sara was the one to die but on the other hand, she knew something that we don’t. Of course, she would have to die before we could know.
ASHLEY BENSONSara dying wasn’t really a big surprise, as I said it was more of a relief. Elliot actually being dead was more of a surprise.

I know we watched him be buried two weeks ago but I actually thought he was still alive. I was convinced and not at all surprised that he would be alive.

They had to be sure. Now they’ve gone and dug up his body and were filmed doing it! So things actually just got worse. I didn’t think things could get any worse than they already were.

If Elliott isn’t after Ali, who tried to kill her? Who was in that awful mask? Elliot’s masks were always very detailed. This one was not. I thought for a second that that might be a red flag that we weren’t dealing with Eliott anymore, but I was still convinced that he was alive.

ASHLEY BENSON, TROIAN BELLISARIO, LUCY HALE, SHAY MITCHELLIf A.D. isn’t Archer, who is he/she? Who came into the school when the Liars came to rescue Ali? Things are just not adding up if he really is dead. Things are just getting more complicated and we only have four more episodes left until the summer finale.

Aside from all the gloom and near death situations the girls are in, there was a lot of relationship stuff too.

Spencer and Caleb are officially over and Spencer is actually encouraging Haleb.

I’ve hated seeing Spener in pain but they’ve been some pretty great scenes for Troian Bellisario. I’m just waiting for Toby and Spencer to find their way back to each other now. 

While I’m waiting for Spoby to get back together, I’m actually shipping Marco and Spencer. Maybe we can call them Sparco. I think they are very cute together. Of course, I don’t want this relationship to last long because I want Spoby to be the end game.

LUCY HALE, SHAY MITCHELLThe big thing we were waiting for was an answer from Aria. IIAN HARDING, TYLER BLACKBURN love this couple. They are my favorite couple but by the end of the  last episode, I thought it wasn’t the right time for them. If she can’t be honest with him, then it just wasn’t going to work.

Aria came to the same conclusion and told him everything and Ezra still proposed and we got our “yes!” The wedding that was teased looks like it’s going to be an Ezria wedding. Not so fast, though, we still have a ways to go and they still have to survive the new uber ‘A’.


I think Toby and Caleb need to be let in too. They were always at their best against ‘A’ when all the guys were on the Liars’ team too.

This new ‘A’ loves his/her games too. They manipulated Ali to make her vulnerable to an attack. The Liars always fall for these games. When will they ever learn?

If A.D. isn’t Archer, who do you think he/she is? What do you think Sara knew that she never got to tell us? Let me know in the comments below.