Scream Queens is definitely going to be very different this season, but some things have not changed at all.

***** Spoilers Below *****

Chanel is still the bitch she always was and I’m loving it. My only complaint is how long it took for Chanel to come on the screen. Story wise it made sense, but I just wanted to see my girl back on the screen.

Zayday is an intelligent and very strong woman, so why am I always rooting for Chanel? She’s the mean girl from school I would have avoided but on Scream Queens, I love her. My favorite scenes are always when she’s on screen. And that fashion, how can you not admire her when she’s on the screen?

Once again there is an interesting backstory to everything. I have no clue how that backstory fits into the rest of the story. There’s a hospital that dumped their bodies into a swamp that Munsch has now created into a facility to cure incurable diseases. Plus, there’s a dead patient that was sunk into the swamp with a scary horned mask that the killer is now wearing. This mask is also so much scarier than the devil mask was. I have no idea how all that will tie in, but I’m looking forward to the ride.

Did the writers just kill off one of the Chanels? Granted, a lot of Chanels died in the first season, but really, already? Okay, it is a horror/comedy, and we did wait pretty much the entire episode for a death, so I guess it had to be a good one. We got two. The first patient, that they cured with Chanel’s help, surprisingly, died and Chanel # 5. Yeah, that’s pretty big. Of course, we don’t have confirmation yet if Chanel # 5 is actually dead.

We have a lot of new characters this season. John Stamos is proving he still has it. It’s hard not to swoon over him. He’s also very, very bizarre. His hand is not even his own! Though, he will remind you that when you buy a used car, it’s yours then.

Taylor Lautner is the cute doctor you’d imagine in Grey’s Anatomy, just a little over the top and he knows how cute he is. He’s also a bit strange.

Zayday had a very good point when she asked Munsch about her being the feminist that she is, why there weren’t more women working for her. Perfect segway for the Chanels, but really, why didn’t she want more women? I guess being a feminist was all just for the money.

Kirstie Alley‘s character is a bit scary and she does not like the Chanels. Not that many people like them. What does she have planned for them? And the better question is, what does Munsch have planned for them? We all know how smart a woman Munsch is, so I’m sure she’s got something big up her sleeve. Could they be the fall women if something goes wrong with the patients?

Season two is shaping up to be even crazier than season one and it’s just getting started.

Season one of Scream Queens was the most fun I’ve had watching TV, and I’m so glad its back!

What do you think Munsch has planned for the Chanels? Who do you think is behind the green horned mask? Let me know in the comments below.