When season two of Jessica Jones on Netflix was announced, it was also revealed that David Tennant would return as her tormentor Kilgrave…even though he died at her hand at the end of the previous series.

The latest trailer, though, shows the real story may be her search for answers. She wonders why she became super-strong after a car accident killed her family. Judging from the trailer, whatever was done may have changed her more than she thinks.

There’s also a wave of murders, and some guy is trying to take away her business. What happened with Kilgrave is also giving her a reputation she doesn’t want..and he keeps popping up.

She may also get something she doesn’t want: a sidekick or two in Trish and Malcom.

Here’s the trailer…


Jessica Jones returns to Netflix on March 8th. Learn more at netflix.com/JessicaJones