Directed by Paulina Lagudi, this female-driven family adventure showcases a spectacular cast including CHARISMA CARPENTER (BUFFY, ANGEL, EXPENDABLES) and JOSH HOPKINS (QUANTICO, COUGAR TOWN).

Twelve-year-old girl Sam Pepper played by MADISON HORCHER (ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING) is an easy target for bullying.  Sam seeks the guidance from a robot monster to help cope with the humiliation from her tormentor at school and prevent her father’s (Hopkins) new girlfriend (Charisma) from becoming her stepmother.

Buffy/Angel fans will see a mixture of “I Robot… You Jane” and “Some Assembly Required”.

“Screening for the very first time in Berlin, buyers will have a chance to see that MAIL ORDER MONSTER is a commercially viable film that speaks to the heartbeat of our global culture.” Said Mathilde Epstein, COO of Film Mode Entertainment. “In an age where bullying and adversity for children is so prevalent, and little girls are learning to be empowered, this fresh new feature showcases timely topics that are sure to entice buyers and appeal to viewers alike.”

Film Mode Entertainment is representing worldwide rights on the film.