The Krypton cast and showrunner Cameron Welsh stopped by the WonderCon press room on Saturday for a chat about the premiere season of the show and what viewers can expect of DC’s newest TV show!

Cameron Welsh (Showrunner) says he was excited about this project because Krypton is such a rich world, but is still relatively unexplored.  He says it’s a privilege to work on anything connected to Superman and they want to stay true to his roots, but also explore some new characters and stories that viewers haven’t seen.  After the pilot, the timeline has now changed in Superman canon, so despite this being a prequel, viewers won’t always know what’s coming next.

Georgina Campbell (“Lyta Zod”) teases we will see Lyta struggle throughout the season with who she wants to be and who her mother wants her to be.  Being a Zod, there is a lot of pressure on Lyta to conform to certain standards, but she is quite rebellious and wants to change the status quo of Krypton.  Georgina says an ongoing theme this season for Lyta will be wanting her mother’s love and approval.  There will also be the Romeo/Juliet sense of conflict between the Zod and El families that will be explored with Lyta and Seg-El’s relationship.

Wallis Day (“Nyssa-Vex”) says Nyssa is mysterious and complex, in ways that even she didn’t expect in the beginning.  Since Nyssa was never on a comic book page, Wallis had freedom to make changes for the character and explore who she is.  Wallis teased we’ll learn what happened to Nyssa to make her who she is now in the show.  Nyssa doesn’t fall into the “blind follower” category that her father might want her to, so we will likely see Nyssa challenge him at some point this season.

Below are the full videos from our interviews at Wonder Con!


Cameron Welsh (Showrunner) 

Georgina Campbell (“Lyta Zod”)

Wallis Day (“Nyssa-Vex”)