This week’s episode starts with a picturesque and cheery morning in McCook, Nebraska, and a librarian named Harper opens the library for the day. She ends up getting startled by Winston, a former classmate of hers who asks if they are still on for dinner that night. Her response in the affirmative is interrupted by her stapler-wielding coworker, Miles, who was responding to her startled scream. Harper waves off his “macho man concern” and Winston leaves the library while dancing down the street to the Bee-Gees “Staying Alive”… before he is promptly pulled into the bushes and eaten. Roll Titles.

Starting off in the bunker, Jack is drinking tea and sulking. Dean walks in and asks where Sam is, and Jack tells him he went to go to an urgent meeting with Charlie. Jack suspects they are doing something very interesting (spoiler alert: they are not!) and he laments that he was left sitting around waiting for Dean to get home. After trying (and failing) to reconcile Dean about the Michael situation, Jack informs Dean that he wants to go Hunting, but he can’t because Sam’s new policy is that all hunters work in pairs. Jack asks Dean to go hunt, but Dean shoots it down saying that Sam is smart, and he knows best (Cut to: Sam sitting in a car playing with a fidget spinner and doing nothing). Jack brings Dean a case about a body found with human bite marks and suggests they go out and be “Hunting Buddies” (Sorry Dean, but we are absolutely calling it that for now on. Especially because the moment that Jack says ‘Hunting Buddies’ is the exact moment we learn who directed this episode…. Richard Speight Jr.!).

Sam and Charlie are still in the midst of their own exciting adventure (watching a public bus bench) when Sam gets the call from Dean. Trying to make sense of what exactly they’re doing there (outside Memphis, Tennessee), Charlie explains that four people have disappeared, she found some ‘mystery goo’ while scouting around, and she has been researching what creature they might be dealing with. Meanwhile, Dean and Jack go to check out Winston’s favorite breakfast place. After bribing the waitress (and an awkward conversation with Jack about what “courting” means), Dean finds out about Harper (the woman from the beginning of the episode). Apparently, she has had a run of “bad luck” when it came to men ever since her high school boyfriend ran out on her.

Back in the car, Sam is worrying about Dean. Carlie tells him to call for back-up, but Sam explains that their world’s Charlie was the one he usually would have called. We then get some backstory about otherworld Charlie when she talks about her life and reveals that her love Kara died when the Angel war began. The horrors of the Apocalypse hit her pretty hard. Back at the diner, Dean orders some pie (I want it all!!!!) and Jack wants to know more about “courting “. When Jack asks Dean how they are going to find out if Harper is human, Dean asks if he remembers his romance novels. What follows is THE best ‘good cop – bad cop’ play that I have ever seen on Supernatural: Dean comes in as FBI, throwing his weight around and threatening Harper, and Jack comes in as a random patron who “saves” her by acting all macho and standing up to the big, bad federal agent (yeah, “old man”). Harper agrees to take Jack back to her apartment to get a book, and Miles comes out again; upset that she is taking someone she doesn’t know back to her apartment. Dean follows at a distance; but before he gets very far, he hears a scream, goes to check it out, and finds Miles dead on the ground. Cut back to Sam and Charlie: Charlie admits that she does not like hunting and is planning on having this case be her last. She agreed to help out for a bit, but all she really wants is a quiet life (with great wi-fi, of course).

Once Harper and Jack arrive at her apartment, she realizes it probably was not the best idea to bring him there in case he thought she was “making moves on him”. When she goes into her room, Jack places a silver coin on the ground and douses his hand with holy water (and ignores a call from Dean). Just as he hoped, she picks up the silver coin and returns it to his hand; but she shows no reaction to either, even after he coughs “Christo”. Back in the car, Charlie suspects they might be dealing with a Musca; a type of fly-human hybrid. No one’s ever seen one in real life, but this particular one is a ‘reject’ who, lacking a mate, leaves its people and begins using the bodies of others to nest in. Just then, a conveniently dressed figure appears wearing an all-black suit and a giant black beekeeper-type mask. He sits next to two old ladies who then walk away, creeped out.

Meanwhile, Jack and Harper are talking about themselves and the conversation turns to her ex-boyfriend. Apparently, he left her when she refused to leave town and see the world with him. The romantic tension continues to build as Harper asks Jack if he believes in love at first sight and Jack responds with: “Do you… have a bathroom?” (real smooth there, Jack). He calls Dean (from the Bathroom), afraid that Harper is love with him. Dean tries to assure him that is not the case, but Jack wants to know everything about sex (you know, just in case) but his phone call is interrupted when Dean is suddenly attacked. When Jack comes out, Harper apologizes for being intense and invites him out for coffee. At that moment, Dean runs through the door and barricades it closed, thus ruining the “we don’t know each other, and we’re not FBI” façade from earlier (and killing the mood). He informs Harper that they are there to save her, but further explanation becomes unnecessary as a banging at the door alerts the group to the monster’s arrival. The monster breaks down the door, and it is revealed to be the zombie of Harper’s high school boyfriend, Vance. Jack takes her and runs while Dean and the zombie fight.

It is now nighttime as Sam and Charlie continue waiting and watching the bus bench from the car. Sam tries to talk Charlie out of quitting, but she is not budging on her stance. They see the same crazy face-mask guy from before come in and sit by a patron already at the bus stop, but are hesitant to rush him in case he is just a human with weird fashion sense. A bus then pulls up and blocks their view and when it leaves, the bench is empty, and the weird guy is dragging the unconscious patron down and alleyway; Sam and Charlie then get out and start chasing after him. We then return to our other team as Zombie-Vance suddenly leaves his fight with Dean, and Jack and Harper seek safety in the Library.


Back in the alleyway, Sam and Charlie come across a building with a door that has goo residue on the handle. When Sam mentions that a brass nail dipped in sugar water could possibly kill a Musca, Carlie helpfully reminds him that no one has ever SEEN one and they have exactly zero of said items. They enter the building to see flies everywhere and a putrid smell; they then find the bus patron on a pile of bodies, alive but weak. When Charlie goes to help him, she is grabbed by a gloved hand and scrambles backward. Sam rushes in behind her and struggles with the fly creature, who covers him in Goo. Sam then shoots the fly creature, which then ends up getting Goo sprayed all over Charlie as well (that scene looks like it was so much fun to film).

Meanwhile, Jack and Harper are hiding from her psycho zombie ex-boyfriend in the library. Jack tells her he locked the door, but she gets up to make sure and sees the zombie through the glass. She then reaches down to the lock, unlocks the door, lets the zombie in, and they start making out (okay, going to admit that I did not see that one coming!). Apparently “naughty nurses” and bondage aren’t enough for this couple; their foreplay is luring unsuspecting men to their death so that Vance (the zombie) can feed on human flesh in order to survive. Jack runs, Vance chases, and Harper speaks to Jack over the library intercom system. Harper tells Jack that she does like him, but he is a hunter and she is part of long line of necromancers (someone who brings the dead back to life). She also admits that she killed Vance right after high school, so he wouldn’t leave town, and now they kill all the weak men who try and romance her (and apparently, she likes to watch… alright, miss sociopath). As he is hiding in the aisles of books, Dean sneaks in and they come up with a plan. Jack distracts Harper with a heartwarming monologue about how he is not weak like the other guys and how amazing their life would be if they were together. Dean uses this moment to shoot the zombie point blank, but it doesn’t do much. After a scuffle, they are able to get Vance into some silver handcuffs; but before they can get Harper she is already in the wind.

Back in the car, Sam tells Charlie that he feels bad for the fly creature because he could have been happy if he hadn’t left his people. Charlie does not appreciate the metaphor but after some convincing agrees to think about staying. We are then treated to a scene of three other Musca (all dressed in the same fashion as the first one) coming in and solemnly taking their fallen comrade away via funeral procession. Cut to a diner where Harper is writing a letter to Jack. She tells him that she loves him because he’s the one that finally got her to leave her hometown and see the world, but that she is going to kill him for what he did to Vance. However, it’s all okay because she will bring him back and they can be together forever (yeah lady, totally not crazy). At the bunker, Jack and Dean drink to a mission well done and have their BM moment. Dean tells him that he did a good job and Jack uses this to try to convince Dean to let him go on more hunts. After Dean agrees to talk to Sam, Jack then has a coughing fit and collapses on the ground, ending the episode (NOOOOOOO!!!).

Besides the twist that was kinda cool (I did not call Harper being in on it) and the last 30 seconds or so, this was a pretty lackluster episode. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. Can’t wait to see what next week brings.