Turns out the monster of the week ties into a much bigger story arc, and that arc involves Landon.

Spoilers below

Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW

We still don’t know what Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) is but it ties into the knife. When Alaric (Matthew Davis) discovered that the monsters have been forgotten and that Emma (Karen David) said it was strange Landon didn’t have any magical traces in his blood, I figured the reason we can’t figure out what he is is because he’s one of the creatures that was forgotten, but it may be bigger than that. Whatever symbol the monster was drawing, it’s the same one on Landon’s mom’s necklace. Just when we get a clue to who he is, he’s sent away. I hope he doesn’t stay gone too long. Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) finally opened up to him again.

I really liked that this episode was about the kids and not anything trying to kill them. I was very happy Rafael (Peyton ‘Alex’ Smith) took over as being the alpha. I did not like Jed (Ben Levin). He’s the most obnoxious alpha I’ve ever seen. Tyler took his responsibility very seriously. This kid just uses it to get people to do things for him. It’s good he’s been taken down a peg. Just wish he didn’t have to beat up Landon.

Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW

MG (Quincy Fouse) is the sweetest and that’s how Kaleb (Chris De’Sean Lee) tricked him. I hope MG will learn that he can’t trust Kaleb. I don’t like that Kaleb is on the honor council. He’s not the voice of the vampires. Especially seeing as he’s feeding off humans. I don’t see anything good coming out of him being on the council.

I’ll say it again, they don’t need to stick to their kind. MG needs to forget about the vampires and stick with the people he can trust, like Josie (Kaylee Bryant). He deserves better.

Penelope (Lulu Antariksa) is very interesting, and while I don’t like what she did, I agree with why she did it. Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) is awful to Josie. And now Lizzie is sleeping with Raf now. Josie likes Raf, I don’t think Lizzie really has feelings for him, I just think he was something new.

We really got to know the characters in this episode. There’s so much depth to all of them, and the episodes don’t have to be about supernatural things or monsters, it can just be about them and them trying to figure it out.

We may not get to see the characters we miss from The Vampire Diaries or The Originals but they are around. Bonnie helped with a spell and the family friend going to help Landon I can only assume that it’s Marcel. They are still very much in this world and hopefully, the actors decide to pay a visit one day.