Be careful what you wish for has never been truer than in episode 12 of Legacies

Spoilers below

Photo: Annette Brown/The CW

We all sometimes wish for things to be different. What if you could actually wish it? Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) got that chance when the next monster paid them a visit, a Genie. It reminded me of when Cordelia wished that Buffy never came to Sunnydale. Lizzie’s wish ended almost the same as that wish did, only Lizzie had three different wishes and each time she made it worse. All she wanted was Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) to not be in her life, but what she got, was something very different. 

First, yes, it was a Salvatore school without Hope, but it was rundown and there were hardly any students. Then, they found Hope and brought her to the school after all. In this reality, Hope was a vampire. Things started to revert to exactly the same as in the real world. 

The next wish Lizzie asked for there to be no Salvatore school. In this reality, Josie (Kaylee Bryant) was the tougher sister and even prom Queen. There was no Salvatore school but there was a Mikaelson school, where Klaus was still alive! 

Then, Lizzie wished that Hope had never been born and this forced the worst reality yet. The supernatural beings were hunted and Josie was dead. Lizzie found out about the merge and accidentally killed Josie in one of her episodes. 

If you thought that information would turn everything upside down when Lizzie inevitable got back to the real world, it won’t, yet, because Lizzie doesn’t remember any of those realities. She refused to wish the Genie to have the urn and instead, wished that the Genie never went to Malavore. It was a smart wish, with one huge catch, they never met, so she never found out about the merge. Does this mean Lizzie will one day kill Josie in an episode when she finds out the truth? 

Photo: Steve Dietl/The CW

We know that Lizzie has the potential for change because of how much she grew in the three different realities, unfortunately, now that everything has been reverted, she hasn’t gone through that change. 

“There’s A World Where Your Dreams Came True” was a powerful episode that showed the depths that Jenny can take the character. I hope that the writers will use that depth in the rest of season one and season two. There’s a lot that they can do with her character.

This episode was also fun to see the rest of the characters play different versions of themselves. We saw what Hope would have become if Hayley never sent her to the Salvatore school. We also saw what could have happened if Klaus never died. Hope was a super witch. 

It was also nice to see Josie stand up to Lizzie for once, something I hope she will do.

There was also three very different versions of Alaric (Matthew Davis): A simple dad, a hopeless alcoholic and a lost father with no other answer than to fight. Let’s be honest, I didn’t like any of these Alarics. 

This episode also had two Delena references, both of them having kids. I hope that in the real reality they also have a daughter named Stephanie. 

The biggest legacy of this episode was how much different the world would have been if Hope hadn’t been born. Elijah, Hayley and Klaus definitely named her accurately.