Sometimes the parents on Riverdale can cause more drama than the teenagers. “Requiem for a Welterweight” was definitely one of those episodes. There were moments of holding our breath, and you can’t tell me you didn’t cry with Betty at the end of the episode. Let’s take a look at this intense moments. Here are the five most shocking family moments of the episode:

5. Gladys Recruiting the Gargoyles
Is Gladys trying to take over the Serpents? First, she wanted Jug to recruit the Ghoulies, and then she goes and recruits the Gargoyles. These people are crazy. I get they need numbers but can these people be lead by Jughead? This makes me very nervous. Gladys may not want more people to defect but I would certainly defect to the Pretty Poisons instead of working with the Gargoyles.

4. Veronica Playing Double Agent
Did Veronica really think she could threaten Gladys and stay ahead of her father?

3. Alice Almost drowning
I thought the Farm couldn’t get crazier. I was wrong.

What has happened to Alice? She’s been through a lot, sure, but so have all the characters.

2. Veronica Taking the Blame
Who else was absolutely terrified when Veronica took the blame for her mother? Owing $75K is certainly better than Hiram killing Hermione, but how is Veronica going to pay all of this money she owes to her father and Gladys? She’s digging herself into a deep hole. Her father is a criminal. She can’t tell him how to run his business and she should just save herself. The more she ties herself to her father, the more likely she is to go down with him.

1.Alice Reborn
Alice saying she was reborn was also the most heartbreaking moment in the episode. Betty had to save her mom, and then sit there and listen as her mom ascends into craziness. This is how brainwashed the people in the Farm are, they don’t see how crazy this all is. And now, Alice is selling the house. First, where is Betty going to live? Second, how can Alice be saved?

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